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On the Road and Leg Pain…Recovery June 24, 2012

Filed under: Food,Injury-Rehab — bigfootmarty @ 3:30 pm

After having had multiple surgeries during my college football career I started running to stay in shape and maintain general health. Well with proper shoes and careful workouts I have enjoyed more than 25  years of running- many marathons and numerous 1/2 marathons-10 milers and other races.

As a big guy I do these for run and a change of pace from regular running.   I recently had a mis-step (not while running) and broke my lower leg and had hardware  installed to rebuild it. Now I am back on the road- walking and adding miles. I want to add running shortly and have tried a few short runs while walking, but  I think the major challenge has been my weight.

So while doing my rehab I am seriously looking at my diet and weight.  I know the impact dairy and salt plays and I am looking at some others.  I am vegetarian and am experimenting with raw diet as well as juicing and green smoothies.

I will never get small but I hope to be reasonably small (255-265 lbs) and i think that may be the biggest tool to help my legs. At 6’8 and 300+ I thunder down the road but at 260 or less I can roll smoothly and painlessly.


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