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5 Tips for Staying Entertained on the Treadmill July 25, 2012

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Not much of a Treadmill guy BUT I do use the Concept 2 Rower as my cross training and impact free Cardio workout.

Run On

It has been a HOT summer here in Nashville. Which means I’ve been hitting the treadmill more than the trail over the past two months.

Here are five tips I’ve found useful for getting in a good run on and not tiring of the treadmill:

1. Speed It Up.

The treadmill is great for improving your running time. You can focus on how fast you’re running, as opposed to simply enjoying the beautiful scenery that is easy to get lost in when you run outside. Try pushing yourself on the treadmill and altering your speed in 1-2 minute intervals. Sprint for 1-2 minutes and then recover at a slower, comfortable pace for one minute. Repeat over the course of 3-4 miles and you’ll be gassed at the end.

2. Interval Train.

The nice thing about running at the gym is that you have weights nearby. Kick your workout into high…

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