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Leg Injury history? Going everyday but easy seems to build strength and flexibility September 8, 2012

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All of the pain and trouble I have had  with the knees has helped  me learn a bunch of stuff about myself, my body and my future.
The FIRST is that I have to go out and work my body to keep it functioning- resting the sore and damaged joints is only bad for them. Now I don’t go crazy but I go regularly. I also rest and ice them when they are BAD.  I a talking about TOO MUCH rest.
Second is the value of diet. I mean this 2 ways- keeping or getting my weight in a good zone and what I actually put in my body.       If I eat crap ( salty, sugary, bad fatty or processed,….) I feel it even if just a little in the midst of a good eating day. I eat raw fruits and veggies as well as many vegetarian meals. Being a  VEGG I have the opportunity to eat bad Veg or Good Veg or Great Veg….
The real value of shoes and treating my feet. if I take care of my feet and wear the best I will feel it and know it all the way up my legs. The biggest concern for shoes is not the type- nearly 100% of the shoe companies are full of baloney in what they sell and talk about- Number one concern is proper fit and  flexibility.

I now am prepping for the UltraRace of Champions  (UROC)  http://www.ultraroc.com) Not as a runner but as a Director; such a race is a 30-35 hour gig for us as we plan and put the race on. It will be fun this year.



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