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What is with banning someone from a race? September 13, 2012

Filed under: Marathons,Races — bigfootmarty @ 7:54 pm

Has Chicago banned Lance from running in the race? Why?


Was he going to compete? were any Americans going to “compete”- they might race but not compete.

I think the Chicago group ought to focus on having excess water and cups available so they don’t repeat the fiasco they had a few years ago.

Though he probably used some PED- it was never seen or discovered . the USADA like the FED have too much unchecked power and should be limited to testing and let the agencies involved with the individual sports make ay necessary decisions.

Just talked to a buddy who will be running the New York race this year and he was hoping to race Lance if he went to NYC

http://www.nycmarathon.com   Will this be a great year? Will/Can any Americans make a reasonable showing?


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