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Cough and Sickness Weather is upon Us October 14, 2012

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I love winter and the hope for snow and cold and I have not been sick in years but every year as the weather changes and illness abounds I struggle to stop the bugs that sneak in.  They are everywhere due to the crappy state of most folks lives/health.  I look for ways to stay strong and fit and healthy all winter long.  Juice and fruit and vitamins help.

Probiotics and garlic and ginger provide a powerful punch but as I deal with festering cesspools of disease on the street.

I look for and have several tools tools to help….

1) Vitamin C  2-3 grams a day and crank up to 10 or more if threatened

2) Garlic capsules 2-3 times a day as well as lots of garlic in foods and even garlic cloves chewed

3) pro-biotic capsules every day and some probiotic foods (rejuvelac/sauerkraut and soon kimchi)

4) Lots of water and good juice

5) green tea


Found this tonic and I am looking forward to using it.

Tonic for sore throat and cough

1 lb Organic Raw honey

2 small lemons – cleaned/sliced

3 Tbs crystallized or fresh ginger slices

***           ***

1)wash and slice lemons

2) slice ginger into small pieces

3) Place in jar of honey

4) seal with wax paper and lid

5) store in fridge and turn jar over every  weeks for 4 weeks

6) use by spoonful in mouth , in tea or in warm water

Tonic- aging in the fridge.




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