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Blogging ??? January 28, 2013

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Found this quote and realized it was A-1 accurate.   “The first step in blogging is reading them” Jeff Jarvis

I like it and realized I have not read any part of a single blog in almost 2 weeks- some magazines and several twitter feeds but not blogs so i will hit a few and note them here.

Depression marathon- runner who copes with depression with running- I do as well.  http://depressionmarathon.blogspot.com/   I like it.

Found another fun one marathon Goddess with a great heart and focus- pancreatic cancer- always great to pay it forward.  http://marathongoddess.com/blog/

And finally for today- Hungry Runner girl- has a fun tag line ,it’s rude to count people as you pass them, out loud!! {as an OCD runner i count lots of stuff, as a slow former footballer i don’t pass too many}  http://www.hungryrunnergirl.com/






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