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Bike for basic training and Cross training (Leg Recovery) June 9, 2013

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In November of 2011 I took a misstep on a “Funny” ankle and my tibia was poking out of the inside of my leg and the fibula was shattered. 13-14 hours later I had a long plate in my shin and 9 screws….putting humpty dumpty back together again.   Image

Now that I have played it safe and took a year to get back to regular running I often mix in a lot more cross training on the bike or rowing machine. I don’t have as much access to the rower so the bike gets some hard workout and I have benefited from the use and my leg feels great.                                   Image

As the weight continues to fall off I “fantasize” about doing a marathon or more again in the near future.

Will my new hardware allow me to run 44000-46000 steps over a 26.2 mile course without pain? will it hurt but be OK?  or Will I injure myself and damage the hardware and thus my bones….Image