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Wednesday- Food and Fuel Report August 29, 2013

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As a lifelong athlete I have always wondered and worried about getting enough to eat. I have had a huge appetite and my activity level burned fuel at an astounding rate. As I got to college I continued with huge diet and 6-7-8 meals a day.

During the college years I started paying attention to the quality of food as well as the quantity. More fruits and vegetables as well as properly prepared meats and breads. I finished college and became a runner and had to deal with a lot of pain and injury from many years of fun on the gridiron.

I became a runner after college and my legs reminded me of my history but I started to get smart . I adjusted my running and training to limit continued and ongoing injury and my diet to deal with inflammation and pain.

1. No salt- when I consumed too much salt I retained water in the damaged joints and had trouble with them.

2. Water- I made sure I consumed 48-60 ounces of water each day- in addition to what I drank before/during and after workouts. This kept the muscles supple sand joints lubricated.

3. Veggies juices and smoothies- Providing the proper vitamins and minerals for all body functions and replacing what is used up every day in life and in workouts.

4.Whole grains- brown rice, Oat groats, buckwheat, millet, farro and a few others have been added and become a solid part of carbo-fuel in the diet.

5. Sweet potatoes, potatoes, turnips, carrots and beets and veggie carbs

6. Stretching and self- massage easy workouts have limited additional pain and inflammation.

Favorite pre-race/long run dinner- steamed and stir fried cauliflower, carrots and potatoes with brown rice.


Prevent Injuries so You Don’t Need to Treat Them.

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Prevent Injuries so You Don’t Need to Treat Them.

Can not forgot the old adage- AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE.

Much easier to stay in one piece than it is to get it all back together. This has some great tips for staying in one piece and feeling good.


Treadmill for Rehab- but REHAB TREADMILL- Cool !!

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Treadmill for Rehab- but REHAB TREADMILL- Cool !!

Like the TM to rehabilitate. The new fancy TM’s would really help and The underwater Tm’s would be really cool


Love and Benefit from Stretching

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Love and Benefit from Stretching

I have been a stretching “pro” for years and have seen the benefits. I love the wide variety and I start each and combine them for use. 


Zeagama-Aizkorri 2013 – Trail Magazin, Germany August 4, 2013

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Zeagama-Aizkorri 2013 – Trail Magazin, Germany.


Quick & Easy Pasta Side Dish

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Quick & Easy Pasta Side Dish.


A Super-Healthy Butter

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A Super-Healthy Butter.


Time to go shopping for Mung Beans   . maybe some chick peas at the same time .

Make this great butter  and some hummus as well.