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What to Wear ? Cool Mornings September 15, 2013

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It is fun and funny to see the jackets and sweatshirts on all of the morning runners.  The 47-50 degree mornings feel positively arctic even after the moderate summer we had in Virginia.

Though we had only a week or so of deep  heat the humidity was relentless as we had a lot of rain this year. This led many runners to run as naked a legally possible to deal with the discomfort of the summer.

NOW it feels cold.

The threat of chill or frostbite is minimal but the old rule of thumb- “if you feel comfortable ,you are over-dressed” is helpful but not terribly important YET.

In a month or 2 as it gets “really” cold, being comfortable means being over dressed and can lead to sweating followed by chills or hypothermia.

Just remember smart layering and peel the layers of the onion if it get warm.