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Stress, Recovery, Fitness and Exercise October 22, 2013

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Stress, Recovery, Fitness and Exercise

Like what I read about stress and recovery.

I am a big fan of proper exercise, training, food , REST and recovery.

I fully believe that nearly 95% of the running injuries people complain about at 5k’s and in running stores are self inflicted because the runner in question did more trained that she could handle , given the time available for proper rest and complete recovery.

There is often talk of overtraining but most of that is in reality UNDER-Resting.


Homemade Tofu Burgers

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Homemade Tofu Burgers

I love making non-meat and tofu based loaves and burgers.

They can taste great and be fun to create. They are also a great fuel for workouts as well as recovery after workouts and event.

I will be making these burgers again this weekend and serve with a spicy chili with 4 or 5 beans.


Cross Training and Fitness October 20, 2013

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Most of my workouts now at age 50 are aimed for fitness and health and longevity. This can take the form of a balanced set of exercises addressing the whole body, or some specific moves to work with or improve a problem or challenge.

I.e.-0 back hurts- work the core, knees hurt – strengthen legs

I have been riding my bike for commuting lately and realize i have a few weak areas – hill climbing- that are the result of A) lack of bike fitness and B) Leg strength.

Continued riding will increase the strength slowly , but adding additional squats (bodyweight only) and lunges will give me some of the strength needed.

I am also adding additional uphill running/walking to my workouts. The increase in burpees will also augment some leg strength….if i am not careful i may end up a biker, bicycle racer before long…


Squats  (feet narrow) 3-20

(shoulder width) 3-20


Lunges- ( standing)  3-12

Pushups / Plank  ( hold for 10 at each top)  3-10

Leg raises


Why is it good to carry a cell phone or satellite phone when you go hiking?

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Hiking is one of the most beautiful and environment friendly activities you can practice, especially if you do it with friends and/or family members.

Like any other outdoor activity, hiking also presents challenges and demands from those who practice it, to be precautious, and the list of items that you are suggested to take with you is endless too, from a compass, to an ice axe (if so is the environment in which you’ll be traveling) to other more specific items like flashlights (if you’re staying the night) or a GPS if you’re not in the knowledge of the zone.

And here’s the interesting part we talk about. Some smartphones (mostly the latest generation) have a GPS and compass so you can find your way around, you can even use a tablet computer to have a map that can show you the way and help you get to your desired destination safely.

It is important to say that hiking usually takes place in areas that are far from civilization (mountains, open fields, mountain tops, etc.) And it is more frequent than you think that most of the participants, may not be too familiar with the area, this of course is very risky.

So, what’s the good part of carrying a cellphone, satellite phone or 3G enabled tablet? Well, here’s the thing, if you find yourself in an emergency situation, you could probably call for help, but how could tell the rescue team about your location? One way is to use the coordinates stored in your GPS so they can find you.

But what if for any reason, reception is bad and they can barely hear you? Well, here’s the secret, <a href=”http://www.telcodepot.com/phone-service”>phone service</a>  providers can pin point your location using a combination between the GPS of your phone and the location given by the antennas to which you connected last so it’ll be easy for rescuers to find your location and provide help.</p>

<p>And what about a satellite phone? Well satellite<a href=”http://www.telcodepot.com/phone-systems”>phone systems</a>  also pin point your GPS location as the first step before letting you make a call, so, just as with a cell phone your location can be pin pointed and rescuers can reach you quickly and provide help.</p>

<p>So, you see, next time you go hiking, don’t forget to carry a means of communication, of course, our desire is that you have a great experience, and by the way, don’t forget to share the places where you have been lately using the space below. <a name=”_GoBack”></a></p>



Fitness: Exercise at home vs. the gym October 18, 2013

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One of the most interesting questions there are in the fitness world, without a doubt, is whether or not you’ll get the same benefit by exercising at home vs. doing it a gym with an instructor and equipment. Some will probably say results will never be the same if you try and do it home, even with the state of the art home equipment available today.

Yet the answer may lie on one simple word: PERSISTANCE. Because no matter where you exercise, the real secret is how persistent you can be. Furthermore, you may not even need equipment at all, maybe just a ball. There are many routines that only require you to do repeats of the exercise, which will, by doing them daily, and with just a few minutes, start giving your results after a few weeks.

Of course, in a gymnasium with a trainer and several pieces of equipment you’ll probably get the same results, maybe a little faster, but you’re, sometimes, subject to the specific schedule that you signed up for, while at home, you can train whenever fits you, maybe after getting up, maybe after work, maybe a just a few minutes a day, maybe a full hour, when you do your workout at home, you control the when and how much parts of the deal.

Then what are the advantages of joining a gym or fitness club? For start you get to meet more people that, like you, want a healthier lifestyle, also you get the motivation and guidance of a certified instructor that will likely listen to what your goals are, and tell you what exercises and equipment as well as what routine to use to achieve it and in what time you can start to see results. You might even get a

<a href=”http://www.4over4.com/printing/bumper-stickers”>bumper sticker</a> for your car or even a <a href=”http://www.4over4.com/printing/personalized-stickers”>personalized sticker</a><a name=”_GoBack”></a> for your fridge.</p>     Image


What is with my knees? October 17, 2013

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Been riding the bike for commuting for a few weeks now and mostly take it easy except for up hills. At night I feel my knees (after several surgeries- not surprising)  but not like the old days.

I think they are getting stronger. I am also doing more bodyweight exercises including squats and burpees and 8 Count bodybuilders.

Getting stronger top to bottom- maybe I will get another bike and race/triathlon???


Rules and Etiquette for Running and Runners October 11, 2013

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Rules and Etiquette for Running and Runners


1. if passing from behind give a warning

2. When in a group- allow for approaching runners/walkers to pass through easily ( don’t stay 2-3-4 wide abreast)

3. In early morning running in neighborhoods- be careful of speaking out loud and disturbing neighbors.



Running /Walking /Hiking for Fitness- Biking for Commute.

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I have been cycling for the last little bit as a way to commute to work and running chores.

I am interested in how it will impact my overall health. Knees have been “awake” lately but in a good way. I think all of the easy pedaling up the hills and along the flats has been beneficial. And of course if i keep eating properly I will lose some weight ..


But what weight should I target as ideal?  At 6’8 I had been well over 300 as a football lineman then as a runner I wa pretty comfy at 275 or so  BUT all of the charts say I should be 228-235.  Heck I haven’t been there since i was a 15 year old…

Well lets see what happens.


Marathon World record.. October 3, 2013

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Marathon World record..

What is your PR?

Any chance of 2 hours and change?


Have some Pain ? How do you deal with it?

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Have some Pain ? How do you deal with it?

Do you take the ever-popular Vitamin I for pain and soreness? Or another drug?

How about food and dietary adjustments?

How about homeopathic blends?

or topicals?