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Running /Walking /Hiking for Fitness- Biking for Commute. October 11, 2013

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I have been cycling for the last little bit as a way to commute to work and running chores.

I am interested in how it will impact my overall health. Knees have been “awake” lately but in a good way. I think all of the easy pedaling up the hills and along the flats has been beneficial. And of course if i keep eating properly I will lose some weight ..


But what weight should I target as ideal?  At 6’8 I had been well over 300 as a football lineman then as a runner I wa pretty comfy at 275 or so  BUT all of the charts say I should be 228-235.  Heck I haven’t been there since i was a 15 year old…

Well lets see what happens.


2 Responses to “Running /Walking /Hiking for Fitness- Biking for Commute.”

  1. Bill Chance Says:

    I’ve been bike commuting for about a year now – the improved fitness comes very quickly, but the weight loss is a lot slower.

    Good luck and have fun. Thanks for sharing.

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