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Fitness: Exercise at home vs. the gym October 18, 2013

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One of the most interesting questions there are in the fitness world, without a doubt, is whether or not you’ll get the same benefit by exercising at home vs. doing it a gym with an instructor and equipment. Some will probably say results will never be the same if you try and do it home, even with the state of the art home equipment available today.

Yet the answer may lie on one simple word: PERSISTANCE. Because no matter where you exercise, the real secret is how persistent you can be. Furthermore, you may not even need equipment at all, maybe just a ball. There are many routines that only require you to do repeats of the exercise, which will, by doing them daily, and with just a few minutes, start giving your results after a few weeks.

Of course, in a gymnasium with a trainer and several pieces of equipment you’ll probably get the same results, maybe a little faster, but you’re, sometimes, subject to the specific schedule that you signed up for, while at home, you can train whenever fits you, maybe after getting up, maybe after work, maybe a just a few minutes a day, maybe a full hour, when you do your workout at home, you control the when and how much parts of the deal.

Then what are the advantages of joining a gym or fitness club? For start you get to meet more people that, like you, want a healthier lifestyle, also you get the motivation and guidance of a certified instructor that will likely listen to what your goals are, and tell you what exercises and equipment as well as what routine to use to achieve it and in what time you can start to see results. You might even get a

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