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Cross Training and Fitness October 20, 2013

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Most of my workouts now at age 50 are aimed for fitness and health and longevity. This can take the form of a balanced set of exercises addressing the whole body, or some specific moves to work with or improve a problem or challenge.

I.e.-0 back hurts- work the core, knees hurt – strengthen legs

I have been riding my bike for commuting lately and realize i have a few weak areas – hill climbing- that are the result of A) lack of bike fitness and B) Leg strength.

Continued riding will increase the strength slowly , but adding additional squats (bodyweight only) and lunges will give me some of the strength needed.

I am also adding additional uphill running/walking to my workouts. The increase in burpees will also augment some leg strength….if i am not careful i may end up a biker, bicycle racer before long…


Squats  (feet narrow) 3-20

(shoulder width) 3-20


Lunges- ( standing)  3-12

Pushups / Plank  ( hold for 10 at each top)  3-10

Leg raises


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