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Winter Olympics ?- How about some Running Events- Snow Shoe? November 22, 2013

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Winter Olympics ?- How about some Running Events- Snow Shoe?

The Olympics are just a couple of holidays and Christmas away from the next version of the Winter Olympics. They are always a lot of fun and we can count on the Russians and French to stir it up and make it fun.

It is a lot of fun to watch and if we could eliminate the judges the sports could continue. As a runner I always like the Summer Olympics with hurdles and 400’s and Miles etc…..We need to add Snow shoe runs to the great XC skiing.

Looking at Sarajevo- I am actually surprised at the amount of stuff still intact. Since that part of the world was in war time and abandoned…and built under socialist building standards…


Looking forward to the news from the Olympics- on my phone,pad and computer ( maybe TV as well).



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