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2013 was a Great Year for Running and Runners December 31, 2013

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2013 was a Great Year for Running and Runners

2013 was another great year for running and runners. The tragic blip in Boston was not a running problem but an Islamic radical problem. The city did well to recover and the 2014 race will be an emotional message.

Races are growing and more races are forming. The half marathon is the race of NOW.

The top UltraRunners in the article show the fun and craziness of the LONG RUN. These 2 really kicked butt all year long.  Ian has been in the hunt for the GRAND SLAM. He will stay there as long as he likes. Trains smart and runs solidly- do a few searches and check out some of his marathon race fun.

– Scott Jurek- one the greats in the ULTRA world has won all of the world and is hintingat retiring but has a few things to do ….see below:


On the roads Running times has the following to say:


Whatr will you do this year?  I am not planning nor dreaming of an award BUT i want to stay pain free in my events and successful in setting up and directing the events we do at http://www.badtothebone.biz


Mental training Goes Along with the Sweat – Keep You Going December 28, 2013

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Mental training Goes Along with the Sweat – Keep You Going

What you keep in your head with each of the 2000(avg) steps each mile and what you say to yourself the rest of the day/week when you are not running makes an important impact in your workout program and life.

Why are you running?

Why did you start running?

What do you want out of this program / effort?  This year…..5 years from now (sounds like a job interview.

Are you fighting disease or staying healthy?

What do you do for the mental side of fitness?

–    Keeping your brain and “head” in the game-program:


–  Not specifically fitness or physically focused but perfectly adaptable



Cross Training- We Know its Good- WHAT TO DO?” December 26, 2013

Cross Training- We Know its Good- WHAT TO DO?”

What is cross training? Why do we do it? Does it help?

I have heard many “experts” claim that cross training is not or was not helpful- I know 3 of the so called experts that only ran  and also were hurt(surgical repair needed) more than one time.

I have been running , for fun, for 28+ years. I have also been doing a variety of cross training during that time.

I started as a runner after having several knee surgeries ( football years)  but have been running races of 13-26 and 32 miles without any trouble.  This is the result of smart training/ running  and staying strong with cross training.

some classics from Runners World


Here is some with focus on all Track & Field events- but it is safely applicable to amateur distance runners.



Cross Training for Injury Prevention AND Recovery December 25, 2013

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I am a fan of using the bike, elliptical machine and rower as tools to keep the knees and legs healthy for a after running.

There are a few specific training programs I have used:

BIKE(in the gym): Ride 15-30 minutes with clips; spend 2/3 of the time Pulling through the stroke. [lift on the upstroke but do not push down] this exercise will strengthen support muscles that are useful / balancing during runs.

Cross training is not directly useful in improving your performance BUT it balances the effort and allows you to keep going longer and healthier.

ELLIPTICAL: One of the major benefits of the elliptical trainer is that you can go backwards /  reverse- and do it safer than on the road or track. backwards running is a great tool for runners struggling with or trying to prevent ITBand / shin splint / sciatica issues.

Once you are comfortable with the equipment  start using regularly and do a workout with with 60-75% in reverse and at a variety of resistance / elevation levels.

Bike info:


Some info on elliptical trainers.



Winter / Ice Running – Plan Ahead, Slow Down and Enjoy the Day December 15, 2013

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       Out for a workout earlier this week as the fun ‘ wintry mix” was falling and the rain from the day before had frozen over in many places.

      Since the winters here are usually quite wimpy they tend not to clean them up- just shut everything down for a day or 2.

But to go out and maintain fitness and sanity I have to be aware of the slick spots, run at the safest pace ( like driving) and dress accordingly.

Dress:    Warm enough with out causing too much sweat -especially as the workout is slower and end up out there longer than normal

       : shoes – wear the newest ones with best tread just in case

       : hat – if needed and packable

       :gloves – same as above

       : glasses or sunglasses- for protection from sun and/or wind( different lenses for light levels) Clear for Morning runs /evening runs

And carry water just like in July.


No,Ifs, ands or BUTTS- stay Trim This Christmas Season and have Fun December 14, 2013

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No,Ifs, ands or BUTTS- stay Trim This Christmas Season and have Fun

Don’t avoid all the goodies- just eat them carefully- if like me there are a few you go nuts for- then make sure your running shoes are by the door so you will get up and get out the door. Even if the hustle and bustle of the season interferes with your workouts- still get going for 30-45 minute sessions and burn off that reindeer cookie and candy cane.

–  Eating with a plan is as important as running/walking.


– Now a collection  of the standard reminders- Oldies but goodies…


– And one more- Common Sense



Five WordPress.com bloggers help you survive the holiday season December 13, 2013

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The WordPress.com Blog

It’s easy to get a little frazzled in December — for many of us, it’s the perfect storm of holidays, family, travel, and work. Luckily, following the sage advice of some insightful WordPress.com bloggers can pave the way for a fun, relaxing Christmas.

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Runner’s Food and Fuel – Everyday and Race Day December 11, 2013

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Runner’s Food and Fuel – Everyday and Race Day

I have sen several postings on blogs and in social media lately noting that runnings is the best and most simple way to lose the weight and maintain the new weight. I agree with most of these writers/runners and coaches. I also add that a good walking program (or combined run/walk plan) will do the same. 

Now we can have all kinds of arguments and debates on the value of each or the benefits of specialization vs combination. Here I am going to talk about eating right for fitness, health and weight loss.

Some thoughts on food and nutrition for race day-


I don’t agree with all of this since i am vegetarian- but much of it makes sense.


Always be aware of what and how you eat after a workout. This will help with maintaining the losses and allow you to rest properly and be prepare/repaired for the next workout.



Tight back from Long SLOOOOW Run! December 7, 2013

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Tight back from Long SLOOOOW Run!

I have not had back pain running in the past- but did a recent longer run- lots of slow walking ( leg hurting) and starting tightening up in low-Mid back.

Even tried my usual walking backwards and couple of handy stretches….

Some research-

How about Hip Flexors?


Great stretches- especially when combined with good basic set of flex exercises-





Food for the Road-As important as Shoes December 4, 2013

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Food for the Road-As important as Shoes

What to eat and how to eat is a regular discussion with runners after they/we have been running for a year or so. Once the runners get used to it and get over beginning shin pain and foot pain or boob bounce pain as ladies find best bra….

Then thoughts of weight loss or energy or – God Help us- Hitting the wall.

What about weight loss? shredding fat



How to buy and choose food at the store- Farmers market?  what is the best stuff to eat.


Superfoods- will they help us on the Road?