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Runner’s Food and Fuel – Everyday and Race Day December 11, 2013

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Runner’s Food and Fuel – Everyday and Race Day

I have sen several postings on blogs and in social media lately noting that runnings is the best and most simple way to lose the weight and maintain the new weight. I agree with most of these writers/runners and coaches. I also add that a good walking program (or combined run/walk plan) will do the same. 

Now we can have all kinds of arguments and debates on the value of each or the benefits of specialization vs combination. Here I am going to talk about eating right for fitness, health and weight loss.

Some thoughts on food and nutrition for race day-


I don’t agree with all of this since i am vegetarian- but much of it makes sense.


Always be aware of what and how you eat after a workout. This will help with maintaining the losses and allow you to rest properly and be prepare/repaired for the next workout.



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