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Cross Training for Injury Prevention AND Recovery December 25, 2013

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I am a fan of using the bike, elliptical machine and rower as tools to keep the knees and legs healthy for a after running.

There are a few specific training programs I have used:

BIKE(in the gym): Ride 15-30 minutes with clips; spend 2/3 of the time Pulling through the stroke. [lift on the upstroke but do not push down] this exercise will strengthen support muscles that are useful / balancing during runs.

Cross training is not directly useful in improving your performance BUT it balances the effort and allows you to keep going longer and healthier.

ELLIPTICAL: One of the major benefits of the elliptical trainer is that you can go backwards /  reverse- and do it safer than on the road or track. backwards running is a great tool for runners struggling with or trying to prevent ITBand / shin splint / sciatica issues.

Once you are comfortable with the equipment  start using regularly and do a workout with with 60-75% in reverse and at a variety of resistance / elevation levels.

Bike info:


Some info on elliptical trainers.



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