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Cross Training- We Know its Good- WHAT TO DO?” December 26, 2013

Cross Training- We Know its Good- WHAT TO DO?”

What is cross training? Why do we do it? Does it help?

I have heard many “experts” claim that cross training is not or was not helpful- I know 3 of the so called experts that only ran  and also were hurt(surgical repair needed) more than one time.

I have been running , for fun, for 28+ years. I have also been doing a variety of cross training during that time.

I started as a runner after having several knee surgeries ( football years)  but have been running races of 13-26 and 32 miles without any trouble.  This is the result of smart training/ running  and staying strong with cross training.

some classics from Runners World


Here is some with focus on all Track & Field events- but it is safely applicable to amateur distance runners.



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