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Yoga for Balance, Core and Breathing Guidance. January 20, 2014

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Yoga for Balance, Core and Breathing Guidance.

I have been a fan and and active stretcher all throughout my athletic career and it has been no different when I became a runner. I find that maintaining supple but strong muscles  my joints don’t get abused when I run several miles.

Since I hit the ground 1600-1800 times each mile- my muscles will need to provide the majority of the cushioning necessary for continue participation. My football days included several knee injuries and an ankle injury. My 25+ year running career has been basically injury free. The runs I have missed were because of injuries elsewhere in life but not on the road.

The links included have some good summary info for ayone interested in yoga, core and flexibility.

In any way it is recommended that you mix it up. more than 95% of us will not be winning the races so quit “training” and have fun and be pain-free.

* 5 basic yoga poses- good start and work from these.


*These moves will give strength and stability.



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