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Pain Free and Injury Free ( at least new Injuries) Running and Fitness February 28, 2014

I have become a fan of the ideas in Chi Running. After running for 20+ years with football knees the skills in the book (and DVD/website) really help eliminate/limit pain and injury.-


One really good example of the wisdom of the Chi Idea.-


There are lots of ideas and theories about staying pain-free- The basics are- TAKE IT EASY, Get REST, Eat Right- Have Fun.

This site has lots of great posts and stories-



4 years since Last Marathon but another leg surgery since ….last race. February 23, 2014

I started running ( for fun and fitness) after many years of using it for football and basketball stamina building. During that time I endured several leg injuries and 8 leg surgeries (7 knee and one foot/ankle) and knew that reasonable exercise and running would be helpful in maintaining leg mobility and ultimately the legs I was born with.

I know of several 40-50 something former footballers with knee or hip replacements and i fully intend to keep what I have. I don’ta have all of the original equipment but I don’t want any more.


Broken Fibula-Nov.2012 – plate and screws installed

I did have a small mishap with my leg and had it rebuilt/repaired at the end of 2011.   Feels pretty good   chines buffet afterwards.


New hardware in ONE leg- will it throw me off balance?

Comfy with 5-7 miles now so I may target a 24 week safe prep plan.

Week one 4 days with long run of 5-6

Week 3 – 4 days w/ long run of 6-7

Week 5 Long run= 7-8,   Week 7 = 7-9, Week 9 = 7-9 again for safe keeping

Week 11 10-11,   Week 13 = 12 , Week 15 = 13-14 , Week 17 = 13-14 for Safekeeping again.

Week 19 = 15-16,  Week 21 = 18-19  , Week 23 = 18-19 and settle in for easy attempt at the race

During this program Even Weeks (2-4-6…)will be 4 days and weekend long run will be 6 until week 12  and 8 miles for week 12 until 20.

Following the Jeff Galloway plan of Running/Walking


How to Avoid Running Injuries? February 1, 2014

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How to Avoid Running Injuries?

The world of running is MISTAKENLY focused on the fact that running is a dangerous sport, bad for the knees, hurts the feet or back or….??

That is complete BULLCRAP. Injuries  in at least 95% of cases are not caused by Runing they are caused by

-too much running for body type

-too much running INTENSITY for body type

-too much running for lifestyle and schedule [insufficient rest]

-too much running INTENSITY for lifestyle and schedule [insufficient rest]



-Ignoring body signals

I started running in 1988 ( marine Corps marathon) I am 6’8 300lbs and had 7 knee surgeries  during football days- but have never had a running injury or day off because of injury. 18 marathons, 100+ half marathons and a few Triathlons.

** Maintain a solid and stable body and injuries will be less likely


*** Prevention is the key