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How to Avoid Running Injuries? February 1, 2014

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How to Avoid Running Injuries?

The world of running is MISTAKENLY focused on the fact that running is a dangerous sport, bad for the knees, hurts the feet or back or….??

That is complete BULLCRAP. Injuries  in at least 95% of cases are not caused by Runing they are caused by

-too much running for body type

-too much running INTENSITY for body type

-too much running for lifestyle and schedule [insufficient rest]

-too much running INTENSITY for lifestyle and schedule [insufficient rest]



-Ignoring body signals

I started running in 1988 ( marine Corps marathon) I am 6’8 300lbs and had 7 knee surgeries  during football days- but have never had a running injury or day off because of injury. 18 marathons, 100+ half marathons and a few Triathlons.

** Maintain a solid and stable body and injuries will be less likely


*** Prevention is the key



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