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Exercising for Fitness,Health and Strength: Runners need the Balance March 28, 2014


I have been running for 25+ years and have had a lot of fun and have also been quite lucky to never have missed running because of a running injury.

Now a little background info: I played football in school and as a result of that fun I had more than a handful of knee and ankle surgeries. Thankfully they  were relatively minor in scope and I can run and running- easily- has kept them loose and fluid. Being smart I have remained relatively injury and pain-free

Why should runners get and stay strong – head to toe?

A)  Good for posture especially during runs as the miles and time passes

B)  Musculo-skeletal strength is helpful in preventing injuries as the muscles absorb much of the impact.

C) Muscle burns more calories / fat than other cells- keeping us more fit in general states

D) Balanced muscles aid in recovery from workouts.

The following articles cover a variety of workouts – notice most have similar moves- REMEMBER THOSE !

*chart of great body-weight exercises


* 20 good moves for strength and fitness






Misc. Meals for Energy, Fuel and Health March 21, 2014

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Last night I was hungry but wanted a simple meal.

I had brown rice cooked and ready in the fridge so I built a good meal with it as the base.

I cooked some earlier made Baked Beans and added a yellow onion, garlic clove and 2 dried hot,red peppers.

After the beans were heated through i added a cup of frozen Organic sweet corn. Cooked that for 20 minutes to blend the flavors,

Served on top of the rice and enjoyed with celery and Whole wheat crackers.




Brown Rice, beans, Corn, Hot peppers,onions


Brown Rice,beans for supper


Healthy at home- Kitchen and medicine Cabinet or Kitchen AS MEDICINE Cabinet March 18, 2014

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Healthy at home- Kitchen and medicine Cabinet or Kitchen AS MEDICINE Cabinet

I read about Oil Pulling a few years ago, as I was dealing with a few tooth issues, I experimented and found it to be comfortable and useful. I now find it to be truly beneficial.

Oil Pulling is an ancient detoxing practice that involves swishing oil (1 tsp to 1 tbs) in the mouth for close to 20 minutes ( some people go longer)and then discarding it. The oil is worked from side to side, back and forth, through the teeth and all around the gums. The theory is that the oil is ‘pulling’ toxins, bacteria and waste from inside the mouth and body and collecting it.


1. take 1-4 tsp (maybe up to a tablespoon) organic Coconut, sesame, avocado,olive Oil  ( I like coconut and sesame)

2. Swish in mouth (don’t gargle) Just push/Pull through tee around gums and tongue

3. Push with tongue

4. Continue for 10 – 20 minutes ( do what you can to start and add time as you get used to it.

5. Do not swallow any of the liquid ( it will be increasing as saliva is added)

6. after complete spit into trash or down a safe drain or toilet(oil could clog)

7. Rinse mouth with a good rinse/was (see below) to clear toxins, brush teeth after.

MOUTH RINSE: I rinse with a mouth wash made with baking soda, filtered water and some tea tree and peppermint essential oils [ 1/2 C-water, 2 tsp baking soda, 3-4 drops each tea tree /peppermint oil- can be multiplied]

* an interesting idea/article


** More about the theory and practice.



Cross Training for Total Fitness and Safe Running March 17, 2014

I spent the weekend working in the garden- the biggest job was moving fresh sandy soil from the stream bed to loosen heavy clay soil . Each wheel barrow load weighed ~200 pounds and the grass path and hill to traverse was “fun”. The final 15 yards were especially fun as they were criss-crossed with mole tunnels and rolling over those was challenging.

We also did some other soil building efforts as we collected several yards of leaf mold and natural compost from the forest floor. It was beautiful material and the garden will be HAPPY.

But at the end of the day the basic sets of non-running exercises I practice have set me up for comfort when i run and when I work like a crazy man in the garden.

*Bodyweight exercise you can do almost anywhere- without a gym and a lot of gear.


** Bodyweight exercises for fun and fitness.


*** Some core basics and stability issues. Build and maintain stable and supple core for comfort int he runs and balance to prevent injuries.



Training for Runners and Running – More than Roadwork March 9, 2014

As spring roles around and the 1st hit of spring is clocks SPRINGing FORWARD tomorrow- we think of training and fitness for the whole year and whole season. Cross-Training, strength Taining and flexibility are all key components of a total package and complete plan.

So few of us can or should race / compete in many races. We can participate in races and enjoy the camaraderie and the fitness and the spirit. Have fun, run, sweat stay fit but DO NOT TRAIN- like an Olympian. We work too many hours, have too many outside obligations and therefore insufficient time to rest and recover from hard Training workouts , We will have time to rest from easy 5-7 day/week runs.

*^What else to work on for Cross Training and fitness. Thoughts of specificity are foolish when talking to and about recreational/fitness runners


* Training for Runners- Total body fitness.


* Warm-up / Stretching / Prep to Run



SPRING AHEAD- Warm Weather is Coming and the Heat With it. March 8, 2014

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What did you do all winter? Run every day or once a week as the weather has challenged you with cold and slick and snow.

Did you hit the treadmill(Yuck !! but helpful)   Ride the bike, play some basketball?  Or is Spring a time to star back up?

WHAT ABOUT SHOES, BRAS AND APPAREL AND ANY OF THE OTHER EQUIPMENT. tHE MOST IMPORTANT other PIECE IS THE WATER BOTTLE (or Hydration Systems)  All of the other stuff is just Crap. For the average runner the GPS and fancy training watches are more danger than benefit- They assist you in over-training because the program are almost all written for competitive ” professional” athletes, no the average plumber or accountant running 4 days a week and 5- 6 races a year.

*Now this article discusses building back up after a winter break. This is important if you have been enjoying donuts and reruns of the filth on the average TV program BUT if you have been running and/or cross training the biggest concern for spring is acclimating to the warmer weather- drink up and eat up.


* Now the idea of Spring rain is the next concern. Spring rain can be warm and comforting or chilly. be prepared and enjoy the run- if you are running- be prepared to change clothes soon after.




*** And more shoesImage



Injuries and Soreness- What to do to Prevent and Treat March 1, 2014

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There is always the non-stop convcersation / debate about the safety of running , or that running is bad for the knees…. I disagree as tot he safety or cause of injury.

RUNNING DOES NOT CAUSE INJURY !!  At least for most people. How they run is what causes most injuries.


-inappropriate training

-too much training

-Build up base level too fast

-Insufficient rest/Recovery

-Running when Injured

– and a few others BUT NOT Running per se ( I like saying/typing per se…)

Most runners should not TRAIN.  By that I mean they should workout- have fun maybe even prepare for marathons or half’s but following the published training plans is usually the cause of injury for runners that work the typical 40-50-70 hour work week.

The biggest cause of injury in runners is- INCOMPLETE REST AND RECOVERY .

If you get hurt what tools can help?

This item is my favorite. It bought mine over 20 years ago and use it to this day. I have big thick calves and this has helped prevent the troubles I was having in the early days of running.

ProStretch Normal size

   ProStretch Normal size

When I first got this I broke it after a month and then retailer realized they made a bigger one and he replaced mine and I have that one ever since-

This is a web pic of the wooden one that I have- but mine looks very much like this after 20+ years.

Prostrtch Large- Feet bigger that 13

Prostrtch Large- Feet bigger that 13




The next favorite tool is as et of rubber balls that are helpful in foor ( and hand) health. The M.E.L.T Method is useful in dealing with foot pain but also useful for the rest of the body.  Find an expert near you.

The foot treatment kit comes with video and instruction booklet-as well as the full set of rubber balls.

MELT Foot 1           MELT foot


Finally is the ever popular foam roller- There are some many different options- I only show 1 set here.

Some Foam Roller Options

Some Foam Roller Options