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Injuries and Soreness- What to do to Prevent and Treat March 1, 2014

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There is always the non-stop convcersation / debate about the safety of running , or that running is bad for the knees…. I disagree as tot he safety or cause of injury.

RUNNING DOES NOT CAUSE INJURY !!  At least for most people. How they run is what causes most injuries.


-inappropriate training

-too much training

-Build up base level too fast

-Insufficient rest/Recovery

-Running when Injured

– and a few others BUT NOT Running per se ( I like saying/typing per se…)

Most runners should not TRAIN.  By that I mean they should workout- have fun maybe even prepare for marathons or half’s but following the published training plans is usually the cause of injury for runners that work the typical 40-50-70 hour work week.

The biggest cause of injury in runners is- INCOMPLETE REST AND RECOVERY .

If you get hurt what tools can help?

This item is my favorite. It bought mine over 20 years ago and use it to this day. I have big thick calves and this has helped prevent the troubles I was having in the early days of running.

ProStretch Normal size

   ProStretch Normal size

When I first got this I broke it after a month and then retailer realized they made a bigger one and he replaced mine and I have that one ever since-

This is a web pic of the wooden one that I have- but mine looks very much like this after 20+ years.

Prostrtch Large- Feet bigger that 13

Prostrtch Large- Feet bigger that 13




The next favorite tool is as et of rubber balls that are helpful in foor ( and hand) health. The M.E.L.T Method is useful in dealing with foot pain but also useful for the rest of the body.  Find an expert near you.

The foot treatment kit comes with video and instruction booklet-as well as the full set of rubber balls.

MELT Foot 1           MELT foot


Finally is the ever popular foam roller- There are some many different options- I only show 1 set here.

Some Foam Roller Options

Some Foam Roller Options


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