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SPRING AHEAD- Warm Weather is Coming and the Heat With it. March 8, 2014

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What did you do all winter? Run every day or once a week as the weather has challenged you with cold and slick and snow.

Did you hit the treadmill(Yuck !! but helpful)   Ride the bike, play some basketball?  Or is Spring a time to star back up?

WHAT ABOUT SHOES, BRAS AND APPAREL AND ANY OF THE OTHER EQUIPMENT. tHE MOST IMPORTANT other PIECE IS THE WATER BOTTLE (or Hydration Systems)  All of the other stuff is just Crap. For the average runner the GPS and fancy training watches are more danger than benefit- They assist you in over-training because the program are almost all written for competitive ” professional” athletes, no the average plumber or accountant running 4 days a week and 5- 6 races a year.

*Now this article discusses building back up after a winter break. This is important if you have been enjoying donuts and reruns of the filth on the average TV program BUT if you have been running and/or cross training the biggest concern for spring is acclimating to the warmer weather- drink up and eat up.


* Now the idea of Spring rain is the next concern. Spring rain can be warm and comforting or chilly. be prepared and enjoy the run- if you are running- be prepared to change clothes soon after.




*** And more shoesImage



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