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Training for Runners and Running – More than Roadwork March 9, 2014

As spring roles around and the 1st hit of spring is clocks SPRINGing FORWARD tomorrow- we think of training and fitness for the whole year and whole season. Cross-Training, strength Taining and flexibility are all key components of a total package and complete plan.

So few of us can or should race / compete in many races. We can participate in races and enjoy the camaraderie and the fitness and the spirit. Have fun, run, sweat stay fit but DO NOT TRAIN- like an Olympian. We work too many hours, have too many outside obligations and therefore insufficient time to rest and recover from hard Training workouts , We will have time to rest from easy 5-7 day/week runs.

*^What else to work on for Cross Training and fitness. Thoughts of specificity are foolish when talking to and about recreational/fitness runners


* Training for Runners- Total body fitness.


* Warm-up / Stretching / Prep to Run



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