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Healthy at home- Kitchen and medicine Cabinet or Kitchen AS MEDICINE Cabinet March 18, 2014

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Healthy at home- Kitchen and medicine Cabinet or Kitchen AS MEDICINE Cabinet

I read about Oil Pulling a few years ago, as I was dealing with a few tooth issues, I experimented and found it to be comfortable and useful. I now find it to be truly beneficial.

Oil Pulling is an ancient detoxing practice that involves swishing oil (1 tsp to 1 tbs) in the mouth for close to 20 minutes ( some people go longer)and then discarding it. The oil is worked from side to side, back and forth, through the teeth and all around the gums. The theory is that the oil is ‘pulling’ toxins, bacteria and waste from inside the mouth and body and collecting it.


1. take 1-4 tsp (maybe up to a tablespoon) organic Coconut, sesame, avocado,olive Oil  ( I like coconut and sesame)

2. Swish in mouth (don’t gargle) Just push/Pull through tee around gums and tongue

3. Push with tongue

4. Continue for 10 – 20 minutes ( do what you can to start and add time as you get used to it.

5. Do not swallow any of the liquid ( it will be increasing as saliva is added)

6. after complete spit into trash or down a safe drain or toilet(oil could clog)

7. Rinse mouth with a good rinse/was (see below) to clear toxins, brush teeth after.

MOUTH RINSE: I rinse with a mouth wash made with baking soda, filtered water and some tea tree and peppermint essential oils [ 1/2 C-water, 2 tsp baking soda, 3-4 drops each tea tree /peppermint oil- can be multiplied]

* an interesting idea/article


** More about the theory and practice.



One Response to “Healthy at home- Kitchen and medicine Cabinet or Kitchen AS MEDICINE Cabinet”

  1. dettygirl Says:

    I”m going to try this! Thanks for posting this up!

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