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100 Pushups , 200 Squats and Situps April 14, 2014

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100 Pushups , 200 Squats and Situps

I few years ago I read about the 100 pushups a Day program and found it and looked through the 6-7 week / 3 days program and it made pretty good sense.

I followed it and sure enough I was able to do 100 pushups again.  Now with my shoulder hurting I wanted to try it again and use it as part of rehab for this bum “wing” .


I found other ” GOAL EXERCISE ” programs and decided to do a triple play and hit a full body workout or Abs, chest/shoulders/core and legs. The more I looked the more plans I found.  I decided to stick to 3 basics. Pushups, Situps and Squats.

I will post updates in a week or so and record how I feel and how it is going.  Good luck …

**  http://www.twohundredsitups.com/

The situps are curlups or crunches and I have had pretty good success with thme and holding at the top and the resulting burn has felt pretty good.

***  http://www.twohundredsquats.com/

I am enjoying the squats and the long term benefit of the total body workout will be felt as I run, walk, bike and hike. I am feeling the great and even my so called bad knees feel solid and comfortable.


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