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When in Doubt, Head Out ! December 28, 2014

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As the Christmas season fades away, we are on the 4th day of Christmas as I type.

-most of the cookie inventory is depleted

-green,red and silver Hershey kisses are almost gone

BUT the largely ignored Apples and oranges and nuts from stockings are left over it is time to contemplate activity, fitness and health for the next year.


have you already planned for and signed up for a race or ride?

An active vacation this summer?      OR

are you planning to start something new?

***          ***         ***

If you have already signed up for or set in motion plans for the year, what are you doing this week between Christmas and 2015.

Not sure- well if you are unsure, lace up your shoes, boots or buckle the bike helmet and get outside and move.

Are you a runner? Did you finish the year with a Turkey trot and have since eaten yourself into a new pair of pants???? Put down the fork and pick up your jogbra, technical fabrics or garmin and get started again. Start easy BUT start.

#####    ####

Have you been desk or couch bound for longer the the 12 days of Christmas?  You may need to start differently. Possibly with a trip to the doctors office..but it is usually OKAY to walk around the block, take the dog for a stroll or borrow the neighbors dog for walking buddy.

Once you have done this a few times and enjoyed it ( and are OK per the doctors) it is time to have a plan.  Since I am a fan of time for training use the clock and your watch as your coach.

Walk out the front door and continue for 5-10-20 minutes[ depending on your Initial Fitness Level] and when you reach 5-10-20 minutes …TURN AROUND and go back home.  You have now completed a 10-20-40 minute workout.

Using this starting point you can map out a 3 or 4 day a week strategy to build up to 60 -90 minutes of walking .   This can be the basis of a lifetime practice- that can expand to trail walks and hiking, backpacking, camping.

OR it can lead to running a few days a week, signing up for races or just a general abandonment of home and civilization.



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