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Don’t let funky knees stop you from Moving…Running!! April 12, 2015

If you run you will hear anout knee pain and injuries and maybe you will hear yourself complaining about knee pain. It does not have to be that way.

Prevent injuries by proper training and recovery and eating as well as prevention in th form of exercises and planing. Ignoring the trauma that can occur if you step on or in something that results in an injured knee running is …or should be…pretty safe.

If you work a full time job, have a family and attempt to PR in races a couple of times a year….YOU WILL GET HURT…   FULL TIME LIVES  and full time training doesn’t t promote proper recovery and rest…this leads to injuries and down time.

*The following is a set of useful exercises to support the knees and legs specifically and the body as a whole. Combine with smart training for life long sweaty fun


** the following is part of a debate -That I agree with- about running being OK for knees and legs.




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