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GINGER- a Must Have for Healthy Kitchen and Life March 4, 2019

Filed under: Health — bigfootmarty @ 6:11 pm

I have been using and eating ginger regularly for several year BUT have only recently added it to my daily regimen of health promoting foods( vitamins, mineral, superfoods and drinks).

Adding to juicer and smoothies have been great, now finding ways to add to daily drinks.

I am also experimenting with other Superfoods in daily consumption, Turmeric in ginger tea or as the central ingredient in golden milk/ tea. Garlic is another SUPER I have focused on but it doesn’t p,ay well wi5h others as a drink but I eat cloves, sometimes fermented and wash down with ginger or turmeric or even basic green tea.

And 5en there is APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, a super duper food if we pay attention to the articles. Let’s see what happens.


An easy and healthy Ginger recipe




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