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Time has Changed, Weather is Cooler, It might be Lighter/darker at Your R egular Run Time November 9, 2014

Now that in parts of the USA we have “Fallen” back  in time as Daylight saving time has impacted us again.

Has this changed your workouts?

1) have you changed time of day?

2) Location of runs?  (hopefully not the dreaded TM..

3) what are you wearing

4) are you safe?Reflective, flashing lights, tell friends/family where and when

5) do you run more or less as it gets cooler/colder?



SPRING AHEAD- Warm Weather is Coming and the Heat With it. March 8, 2014

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What did you do all winter? Run every day or once a week as the weather has challenged you with cold and slick and snow.

Did you hit the treadmill(Yuck !! but helpful)   Ride the bike, play some basketball?  Or is Spring a time to star back up?

WHAT ABOUT SHOES, BRAS AND APPAREL AND ANY OF THE OTHER EQUIPMENT. tHE MOST IMPORTANT other PIECE IS THE WATER BOTTLE (or Hydration Systems)  All of the other stuff is just Crap. For the average runner the GPS and fancy training watches are more danger than benefit- They assist you in over-training because the program are almost all written for competitive ” professional” athletes, no the average plumber or accountant running 4 days a week and 5- 6 races a year.

*Now this article discusses building back up after a winter break. This is important if you have been enjoying donuts and reruns of the filth on the average TV program BUT if you have been running and/or cross training the biggest concern for spring is acclimating to the warmer weather- drink up and eat up.


* Now the idea of Spring rain is the next concern. Spring rain can be warm and comforting or chilly. be prepared and enjoy the run- if you are running- be prepared to change clothes soon after.




*** And more shoesImage



Snow Storm Day- How to Run in the Snow? January 21, 2014

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I have always loved winter and after college when I started running for fun I had to figure out how to do so safely.

I loved hiking/walking in snow- even an adventure of hiking to store for food or supplies- more for the adventure rather than necessity (thankfully) I college we had lots of snow and winter and I was fond of taking a night time hike- after studying I would get home from the library and drop the bag and head out for and hour or so.

My friends would joke- call me a Yeti- especially when I returned with ice crystals in my eyebrows or mustache and in my hat or clothes.

After school I moved to a more temperate climate but we still got some snow on an annual basis. I would try to schedule runs to go out when the snow was falling (more than once I went back out because it started snowing as i finished)


I have big feet- so that is helpful. I am also quite cold hardy so the need for warm clothing is minimized ( as long as I don’t run out in the country or in the woods where i might fall, get hurt and be stuck for a little while)

The most important thing I learned- drink/hydrate just as if it was July- I sweat in cool but I still lose a lot of fluid from respiration so I can quickly get dehydrated even when Frosty is walking around.


I learned a few other things- make sure shoes have pretty fresh tread ( unless wearing traction device), oil or lotion on face protects from wind, tell someone where and when, fingers and ears are the most vulnerable.

*Some fun about snow running:


SOme real fun if you live with lots of snow- Snowshoe





Booger Freeze before Brain freeze on the Morning Jog…. January 7, 2014

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I remember the first time I saw this Calvin and Hobbes strip and nearly busted my spleen laughing. After running for 25+ years and many winters all around the US when traveling .

I also spent 4 chilly years at Notre Dame and northern Indiana gets down into the signal digits and the wind quickly freezes the boogers- eyes wide open and Brain freeze is faster than a slurpee (don’t even think about peeing behind a tree…..)


Keep your sinuses clear or the freeze can silence your brain..YIKES!

If really susceptible- make a face shield with a poly race shirt from last summer.


Running in Cold and Ice January 6, 2014

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I love the winter and enjoy running when it is chilly and especially when it is COLD !!!

Now I am very cold hardy and generate a lot of heat when i workout. My theory is that i carry enough clothes in the event that I get hurt or stranded some where while running but usually am running in or near town so and injury may lead to a brief.crawl to nearest house or business- But when I run out in the country or on the trails I leave a note (or a flight plan) about my run[hike] and my timetable and map or route I will be following. I carry in a pack the necessary safety stuff(bright colors, a layer of warm, gloves….)

Now i also live in Virginia so the threat of real winter challenges is minimal.

What do you do in the winter that varies from your warm weather actions?





– More thoughts on running in the winter ( dark)


These and many other posts and articles discuss the idea of running when it is cold , snowy, icy or dark.


A. footing

B. visibility ( see AND be seen)

C. Dress to limit Sweat ( wet can chill and kill)

D. Slow down when needed- (a slow run is better exchange than an injury)

E. Tell someone where and when ( or post on computer)


Winter / Ice Running – Plan Ahead, Slow Down and Enjoy the Day December 15, 2013

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       Out for a workout earlier this week as the fun ‘ wintry mix” was falling and the rain from the day before had frozen over in many places.

      Since the winters here are usually quite wimpy they tend not to clean them up- just shut everything down for a day or 2.

But to go out and maintain fitness and sanity I have to be aware of the slick spots, run at the safest pace ( like driving) and dress accordingly.

Dress:    Warm enough with out causing too much sweat -especially as the workout is slower and end up out there longer than normal

       : shoes – wear the newest ones with best tread just in case

       : hat – if needed and packable

       :gloves – same as above

       : glasses or sunglasses- for protection from sun and/or wind( different lenses for light levels) Clear for Morning runs /evening runs

And carry water just like in July.


Running New or Long Time Runners- Tips, Hints etc… November 24, 2013

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Running New or Long Time Runners- Tips, Hints etc…

This is loaded with great stuff for runners just stepping out on the street and others with hundreds of miles behind.

What do you REALLY need- The only thing you NEED is shoes THAT FIT. Forget support/structure etc- get a good cushioned shoe that is fairly firm if you are getting started- too many people end up with too much shoes (and too much $ involved)

After that comfy clothes and socks (bra for the ladies)

Miles and goals will determine good stuff to have and Necessary equipment.

I often Huff and Puff- How to breathe –



What to Wear ? Cool Mornings September 15, 2013

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It is fun and funny to see the jackets and sweatshirts on all of the morning runners.  The 47-50 degree mornings feel positively arctic even after the moderate summer we had in Virginia.

Though we had only a week or so of deep  heat the humidity was relentless as we had a lot of rain this year. This led many runners to run as naked a legally possible to deal with the discomfort of the summer.

NOW it feels cold.

The threat of chill or frostbite is minimal but the old rule of thumb- “if you feel comfortable ,you are over-dressed” is helpful but not terribly important YET.

In a month or 2 as it gets “really” cold, being comfortable means being over dressed and can lead to sweating followed by chills or hypothermia.

Just remember smart layering and peel the layers of the onion if it get warm.