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Walking and Playing with Camera April 19, 2017

This might be good or might get irritating…let’s try to make it useful and helpful….

Maybe get a better camera…..​

 Idea during yesterdays walk….will also be useful to note my level of ” breathing” or struggling….


WAKE UP CALL -Let the Journey Begin March 30, 2017

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While struggling with a cooled and thin bronchitis this winter I was eagerly looking forward to putting my sneakers on and getting out on the road. I had recently strengthened my knee and was able to get going as soon as I COULD. 

BUT things went awry as th cold and bronchitis seemed to let up but my breathing never returned. In fact, it got worse and I could not grab a breath after 10 or a dozen steps. So I finally bit the bullet and went to the hospital emergency room.  Thank Goodness I went to the ER that day. I may not have been at deaths door , I am now in a much better health position with hope and possibility.

The date was March 7,2017 at approximately 10 am, I entered the University of Virginia ER. In the next hour I gave blood was plugged into machines and had exrays of my chest. My ch st/ heart was soon examined with sonogram and I was disappointed diagnosed in heart failure and Atrial fibrillation. This was due to extreme fluid build-up…..and I was PUFFY, like a big S’More. 

An IV was started and diuretics were administered and I started producing fluid (urine) boisterously and I soon had lost 12 pounds ( 32hours) . Shortly I started feeling better and then my breathing improved. It was not good nor was I healed but WOW did I feel better. 

The diagnosis of heart failure was shocking but possibly motivating. As long as no damage is found I/ we can overcome this and build back to a healthy and strong heart and exercise into a long active life.

When I got out of the hospital I spent a few days resting and then got back into life in a reasonable way and have even started working out. I have completed several fun walks to  get the foundation set for future walking and running. As a lifelong competitive athlete and multiple marathon runner it might be tempting to push my workouts BUT so far I,have taken it easy and happily completed 1/4 mile walks with some hills for strength . 


A. Lungs feel strong and seem to be functioning properly

B. Heart beating easily

C. Legs getting stronger after extended period with limited exercise

D. Leg exercises are feeling good and will be upgraded/ increased

E. Abs exercise feels good to date.

Finally continued use of diuretics to reduce/ remove fluid have resulted in a ” weight loss” of approximately 80 pounds to date .  The time to lose real weight( body fat ) is now as I have set a goal that should work nicely for long term healthful life.

As they say, A JOURNEY OF A THOUSAND MILES STARTS WITH A SINGLE STEP….. I hVe taken the steps…..now some more….



RUNNER ? Starting Up…Starting OVER !!! May 9, 2015

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I recent leg injury (a biggie with surgery and hardware installed – sounds like a Car) stopped my from running and most exercise for a considerable time and ow I am ready to start back “on the road”.

My legs feel funny and have made me a little bit “concerned” about the pressure road work may have on them. I have decided the best plan of action is to act like  a newbie and go out easily and carefully- forget previous feelings and actions,  at least for a while, and build up a solid base and get in shape.

I don’t just need to get my heart and lungs in shape- I need to test and strengthen the new “leg” and clear my head of concerns.

I will start with a 2-3 month plan that consists mostly of walking 30 then 60 and blending some 90 minutes efforts on a daily basis. The plan will eventually include a blend of walking and running to increase the intensity and physical benefit.

Miscellaneous Published Plans:

**** 8 Weeks:


****** Simple program to get started and get a base program set


**** *** Run for Time , Not distance




Why is it good to carry a cell phone or satellite phone when you go hiking? October 20, 2013

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Hiking is one of the most beautiful and environment friendly activities you can practice, especially if you do it with friends and/or family members.

Like any other outdoor activity, hiking also presents challenges and demands from those who practice it, to be precautious, and the list of items that you are suggested to take with you is endless too, from a compass, to an ice axe (if so is the environment in which you’ll be traveling) to other more specific items like flashlights (if you’re staying the night) or a GPS if you’re not in the knowledge of the zone.

And here’s the interesting part we talk about. Some smartphones (mostly the latest generation) have a GPS and compass so you can find your way around, you can even use a tablet computer to have a map that can show you the way and help you get to your desired destination safely.

It is important to say that hiking usually takes place in areas that are far from civilization (mountains, open fields, mountain tops, etc.) And it is more frequent than you think that most of the participants, may not be too familiar with the area, this of course is very risky.

So, what’s the good part of carrying a cellphone, satellite phone or 3G enabled tablet? Well, here’s the thing, if you find yourself in an emergency situation, you could probably call for help, but how could tell the rescue team about your location? One way is to use the coordinates stored in your GPS so they can find you.

But what if for any reason, reception is bad and they can barely hear you? Well, here’s the secret, <a href=”http://www.telcodepot.com/phone-service”>phone service</a>  providers can pin point your location using a combination between the GPS of your phone and the location given by the antennas to which you connected last so it’ll be easy for rescuers to find your location and provide help.</p>

<p>And what about a satellite phone? Well satellite<a href=”http://www.telcodepot.com/phone-systems”>phone systems</a>  also pin point your GPS location as the first step before letting you make a call, so, just as with a cell phone your location can be pin pointed and rescuers can reach you quickly and provide help.</p>

<p>So, you see, next time you go hiking, don’t forget to carry a means of communication, of course, our desire is that you have a great experience, and by the way, don’t forget to share the places where you have been lately using the space below. <a name=”_GoBack”></a></p>