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Western States 100 Mile Run – Results are in…Well the Leaders are In !! June 29, 2014

At this stage int he race the racers and gifted runners are finished or have DNF’d to try another day and the troopers are still chugging away toward the finish line.

The annual Squaw Valley to Auburn effort is well underway



Rob Krar under 15 hrs  and Stephanie Howe just over 18 hours…..

I am still amazed at the cool technology we have to keep track of results from 3000 miles away before or after church or bed ( last night). Nothing new or fancy but just as cool.


I have a goal of a 100 miler but with my legs (multiple surgeries on knees,ankle etc [football fun in my youth]  has me wondering about the “smarts” of such a goal. Now WSER or Leadville may be crazy but there may be some courses that won’t break me(distance can do it all alone ).

Returning to the races and adding distance to the collection of 26.2 finishes will be the first step…”baby steps”  to the ultra distance thanks to Bob Wiley from the movie, “What About Bob?”


Some news and stories from Western States, about Western States.


Interesting Rob Krar stuff here:


And a great movie about SOME history-


http://www.wser.org  For more info and search under various names. listings titles for this race and others around the trails near you and all over…..



Boston was a Safe Success but what else happened Last Weekend? April 27, 2014

Boston got lots (maybe too much) Attention and thankfully no cowardly terrorist arrived and Russia was too involved in Ukraine to set up another attack.

But what else happened in running last weekend?

Several years ago, I ran in Louisville so how did the  Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon go? Plus in the neighborhood they have a cool Horse race( and party)  I read a bunch of great reports on line but recommend it as a great place to run and weekend to visit a great city.

** http://derbyfestivalmarathon.com/

Now a little further West- runners flocked to Salt Lake City for a well produced and popular race. I do love to read race reports and it amazes me how 1 person loves it and another whines like a little child.  What makes people cry so much?  Overall if is/was a great  race and will be on my calendar in the future. I don’t know a lot about Salt Lake City but there is a cool Lake nearby….

##   http://www.saltlakecitymarathon.com


The Bel Monte Enduraace Runs ( 5omile, 50k, 25k) enjoyed great weather in the Blue Ridge Mountains and a great crowd running the 3 races that feature 46 glorious trail miles and only 4 miles paved. The races were put on by Bad to the Bone Endurance Sports http://www.badtothebone.biz.


*Facebook info-  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bel-Monte-Endurance-Races/174549122590137


Disney Marathon 2014 in the Books January 12, 2014

Disney Marathon 2014 in the Books

I tend to personally shy away from these big races. I like 1000-2500 runners for a morning of fun

The Disney and some of the related fun have always been interesting to me. Maybe the kid that watched Wide World of Disney on Sunday night is thinking of a day or 2 in the parks and then a nice 5 hour jog.

*More reports-


*And the website if you want to plan for next race:



2013 was a Great Year for Running and Runners December 31, 2013

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2013 was a Great Year for Running and Runners

2013 was another great year for running and runners. The tragic blip in Boston was not a running problem but an Islamic radical problem. The city did well to recover and the 2014 race will be an emotional message.

Races are growing and more races are forming. The half marathon is the race of NOW.

The top UltraRunners in the article show the fun and craziness of the LONG RUN. These 2 really kicked butt all year long.  Ian has been in the hunt for the GRAND SLAM. He will stay there as long as he likes. Trains smart and runs solidly- do a few searches and check out some of his marathon race fun.

– Scott Jurek- one the greats in the ULTRA world has won all of the world and is hintingat retiring but has a few things to do ….see below:


On the roads Running times has the following to say:


Whatr will you do this year?  I am not planning nor dreaming of an award BUT i want to stay pain free in my events and successful in setting up and directing the events we do at http://www.badtothebone.biz


Winter Olympics ?- How about some Running Events- Snow Shoe? November 22, 2013

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Winter Olympics ?- How about some Running Events- Snow Shoe?

The Olympics are just a couple of holidays and Christmas away from the next version of the Winter Olympics. They are always a lot of fun and we can count on the Russians and French to stir it up and make it fun.

It is a lot of fun to watch and if we could eliminate the judges the sports could continue. As a runner I always like the Summer Olympics with hurdles and 400’s and Miles etc…..We need to add Snow shoe runs to the great XC skiing.

Looking at Sarajevo- I am actually surprised at the amount of stuff still intact. Since that part of the world was in war time and abandoned…and built under socialist building standards…


Looking forward to the news from the Olympics- on my phone,pad and computer ( maybe TV as well).



2013 NY Marathon results November 4, 2013

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Enjoyed the race coverage on TV today- Hopefully more races will be covered that way.



Not sure if NY is in my future- do I include it in future goals and hopes?


Marathon World record.. October 3, 2013

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Marathon World record..

What is your PR?

Any chance of 2 hours and change?


Zeagama-Aizkorri 2013 – Trail Magazin, Germany August 4, 2013

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Zeagama-Aizkorri 2013 – Trail Magazin, Germany.