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Western States 100 Mile Run – Results are in…Well the Leaders are In !! June 29, 2014

At this stage int he race the racers and gifted runners are finished or have DNF’d to try another day and the troopers are still chugging away toward the finish line.

The annual Squaw Valley to Auburn effort is well underway



Rob Krar under 15 hrs  and Stephanie Howe just over 18 hours…..

I am still amazed at the cool technology we have to keep track of results from 3000 miles away before or after church or bed ( last night). Nothing new or fancy but just as cool.


I have a goal of a 100 miler but with my legs (multiple surgeries on knees,ankle etc [football fun in my youth]  has me wondering about the “smarts” of such a goal. Now WSER or Leadville may be crazy but there may be some courses that won’t break me(distance can do it all alone ).

Returning to the races and adding distance to the collection of 26.2 finishes will be the first step…”baby steps”  to the ultra distance thanks to Bob Wiley from the movie, “What About Bob?”


Some news and stories from Western States, about Western States.


Interesting Rob Krar stuff here:


And a great movie about SOME history-


http://www.wser.org  For more info and search under various names. listings titles for this race and others around the trails near you and all over…..



BOOK REVIEW : Relentless Forward Progress – B. Powell November 10, 2013

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BOOK REVIEW : Relentless Forward Progress – B. Powell

An interesting and fun book. Adding to the market.

Books on LOOOONNG runs are becoming more prevalent in much the same way the Fixx’s book and then Galloway and hundreds more filled the market for running in the 70’s until today .

Powell did the right thing getting input from as many of the current and lifetime luminaries as he did and the result is a pretty complete book..

To suggest a SYLLABUS for a newbie Ultrarunner we would need to know what was read so far BUT

This would be a good one along with a few books by Tim Noakes as well as Scott Jurek’s book, and for fun (but little useful info) Born to Run  by McDougall .

Ultimately you still need to get out there and run….