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Growing and Succeeding- Love Criticism, Blog Postt December 24, 2017

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We Heart a Healthy Heart (sorry for lazy title) December 10, 2017

I recently found out I am in Heart failure {recently = March 2017}. I am in A Fib (Atrial fibrillation ) and the focus on weight loss and exercise is the best thing I can do. I have created some improvement by following doc’s orders taking the medicine and exercising regularly with a good plan.  I have written and will do more on the food and diet component, since I have lost significant weight.

I have watched lots of videos and read books and articles on all of this. I will write more about this and am contemplating the creation of a “gym” specifically for heart patients.

This is a simple exercise plan and idea. Ultimately the best exercise for you is something YOU WILL DO.  And do so consistently.  


Exercise and heart health according to a medical expert. Exercise serves many purposes and can be helpful for diagnosing and identifying heart problems. it will also help measure changes and improvements.



2014- What to do this year- As a Runner? Make Running a “Business” ???’s January 2, 2014

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New years resolutions or just planning for the next 12 months??

Since the leg feels pretty good . Has been 24 months since the plate was out in my fibula to repair the shattered bone.

I have been doing a bunch of writing and working on a couple of books and now trying to pump out the blog posts as well.

I have 2 writing projects ( books) that are about running or running related and will finish and publish sell this year.

-Pain Free running

-Food and Fitness


– Some info for beginners(always useful for experienced runners as well:


– I like the idea in his books and website(music good too):


I will share some pieces/sections here and read a smuch as possible to find places to go and things to write about.

-Also for dealing with any boo-boos that have presented themselves in the past.Things to learn and use for posts and books.



Blogging ??? January 28, 2013

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Found this quote and realized it was A-1 accurate.   “The first step in blogging is reading them” Jeff Jarvis

I like it and realized I have not read any part of a single blog in almost 2 weeks- some magazines and several twitter feeds but not blogs so i will hit a few and note them here.

Depression marathon- runner who copes with depression with running- I do as well.  http://depressionmarathon.blogspot.com/   I like it.

Found another fun one marathon Goddess with a great heart and focus- pancreatic cancer- always great to pay it forward.  http://marathongoddess.com/blog/

And finally for today- Hungry Runner girl- has a fun tag line ,it’s rude to count people as you pass them, out loud!! {as an OCD runner i count lots of stuff, as a slow former footballer i don’t pass too many}  http://www.hungryrunnergirl.com/