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Neck and Back Pain- Exercise, Stretching and Yoga…Cures!!?? November 24, 2017

During a recent conversation with a friend we discussed her headache and neck issues. The focus was on non-medical efforts to relieve her pain and prevent it in the future. The pain always started in or near the neck and her jaw.

We discussed a few stretches and exercises and discussed yoga. I looked for a couple of  articles that would describe moves/poses that can provide comfort to painful neck and head.

The following are some goodbasic moves/poses for the body and specifically the neck.





These are a bit more broad brush. Effective for the body and ultimately for the neck.







Start “Rolling”soon as injuries have heals but Illness snuck in. January 27, 2017

A little,while ago I was finishing the rehab and muscle rebuild in the current bad knee and was ready to get started with the return to the road.    BUT ………

That little chest cold started grabbing my breath and grew like a gathering storm. Small sputtering hacks  became loud, long growling rumbles . Easy walk from door to car took all of the breath I had.

Visit to doctor id’d a bad cold and recommended / prescribed meds and diet.

That did not help much and the cough/ lungs got heavier and another trip “gave” me bronchitis and different treatment . It started to work for the lungs but bronchitis is a tough bugger.

I then developed a painful rash on my lower legs and some of th mds for my lungs were useful and soaking and other topical treatments have been helpful. I plan to be healthy and ready to roll in a short time and need to decide what to do.

1. It will all be easy and be ALL WALKING for a few weeks at minimum.

2. It will include some muscle building , but only body weight exercises.

3. Focus on necessary weight loss will dictate when any extended running can begin.

4. Will investigate local gyms for best one to supportfitness and weight goals.

5. ULTIMATELY-Strive to have fun…so I do this forever.

I found this article / pin about returning after injury.   Some good information and guidance.

This is a simple chart for how it might be done. Starting from nothing and running in a reasonable time.



Your favorite Running / Fitness Books January 31, 2016

I read a lot for fun and work and knowledge and health. As an athlete and fitness enthusiast I have read a lot of related books.

In this post I am asking you for input on your favorite running and fitness books. I have listed my favorite books about running- it was a tough choice but 1 of the books was a clear leader( because it was my first fave).

Reply here or on twitter at https://twitter.com/martyroddy


My favorite running books:

  1. Galloways Book on Running  by Jeff Galloway  http://www.amazon.com/Galloways-Book-Running-Jeff-Galloway/dp/0936070277     And his website  www.jeffgalloway.com
  2. Chi Running  by Danny Dreyer     http://www.amazon.com/ChiRunning-Revolutionary-Approach-Effortless-Injury-Free/dp/1416549447     Also at his website http://www.chirunning.com
  3. The Lore of Running  by Tim Noakes, M.D.        http://www.amazon.com/Lore-Running-Edition-Timothy-Noakes/dp/0873229592

I originally read these books in their 1st Editions and the later editions added or changed some things.   Galloway’s book took me from my first road race (a 10 miler) ever to a marathon As a one time footballer and still a 6’8 280-300 runner it was very helpful.

Chi Running has in the subtitle as Injury-free running and since I started running after years of football and basketball with the attending knee and ankle injuries- running without additional injury is a goal -a passion.

I originally read THE LORE OF RUNNING in its 2nd edition but really like the changes that arrived in 3 and 4.

Now in my 50’s my workouts on the roads and trail combine the ideas of bot Galloway and Dryer and the info in Lore has combined with other reading for background on how I live sweating and in rest of life.








Injuries and Soreness- What to do to Prevent and Treat March 1, 2014

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There is always the non-stop convcersation / debate about the safety of running , or that running is bad for the knees…. I disagree as tot he safety or cause of injury.

RUNNING DOES NOT CAUSE INJURY !!  At least for most people. How they run is what causes most injuries.


-inappropriate training

-too much training

-Build up base level too fast

-Insufficient rest/Recovery

-Running when Injured

– and a few others BUT NOT Running per se ( I like saying/typing per se…)

Most runners should not TRAIN.  By that I mean they should workout- have fun maybe even prepare for marathons or half’s but following the published training plans is usually the cause of injury for runners that work the typical 40-50-70 hour work week.

The biggest cause of injury in runners is- INCOMPLETE REST AND RECOVERY .

If you get hurt what tools can help?

This item is my favorite. It bought mine over 20 years ago and use it to this day. I have big thick calves and this has helped prevent the troubles I was having in the early days of running.

ProStretch Normal size

   ProStretch Normal size

When I first got this I broke it after a month and then retailer realized they made a bigger one and he replaced mine and I have that one ever since-

This is a web pic of the wooden one that I have- but mine looks very much like this after 20+ years.

Prostrtch Large- Feet bigger that 13

Prostrtch Large- Feet bigger that 13




The next favorite tool is as et of rubber balls that are helpful in foor ( and hand) health. The M.E.L.T Method is useful in dealing with foot pain but also useful for the rest of the body.  Find an expert near you.

The foot treatment kit comes with video and instruction booklet-as well as the full set of rubber balls.

MELT Foot 1           MELT foot


Finally is the ever popular foam roller- There are some many different options- I only show 1 set here.

Some Foam Roller Options

Some Foam Roller Options


How to Avoid Running Injuries? February 1, 2014

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How to Avoid Running Injuries?

The world of running is MISTAKENLY focused on the fact that running is a dangerous sport, bad for the knees, hurts the feet or back or….??

That is complete BULLCRAP. Injuries  in at least 95% of cases are not caused by Runing they are caused by

-too much running for body type

-too much running INTENSITY for body type

-too much running for lifestyle and schedule [insufficient rest]

-too much running INTENSITY for lifestyle and schedule [insufficient rest]



-Ignoring body signals

I started running in 1988 ( marine Corps marathon) I am 6’8 300lbs and had 7 knee surgeries  during football days- but have never had a running injury or day off because of injury. 18 marathons, 100+ half marathons and a few Triathlons.

** Maintain a solid and stable body and injuries will be less likely


*** Prevention is the key



Cross Training- We Know its Good- WHAT TO DO?” December 26, 2013

Cross Training- We Know its Good- WHAT TO DO?”

What is cross training? Why do we do it? Does it help?

I have heard many “experts” claim that cross training is not or was not helpful- I know 3 of the so called experts that only ran  and also were hurt(surgical repair needed) more than one time.

I have been running , for fun, for 28+ years. I have also been doing a variety of cross training during that time.

I started as a runner after having several knee surgeries ( football years)  but have been running races of 13-26 and 32 miles without any trouble.  This is the result of smart training/ running  and staying strong with cross training.

some classics from Runners World


Here is some with focus on all Track & Field events- but it is safely applicable to amateur distance runners.



Bike for basic training and Cross training (Leg Recovery) June 9, 2013

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In November of 2011 I took a misstep on a “Funny” ankle and my tibia was poking out of the inside of my leg and the fibula was shattered. 13-14 hours later I had a long plate in my shin and 9 screws….putting humpty dumpty back together again.   Image

Now that I have played it safe and took a year to get back to regular running I often mix in a lot more cross training on the bike or rowing machine. I don’t have as much access to the rower so the bike gets some hard workout and I have benefited from the use and my leg feels great.                                   Image

As the weight continues to fall off I “fantasize” about doing a marathon or more again in the near future.

Will my new hardware allow me to run 44000-46000 steps over a 26.2 mile course without pain? will it hurt but be OK?  or Will I injure myself and damage the hardware and thus my bones….Image