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Miller Lite Charlottesville Marathon , Whole Foods Half Marathon Weekend April 7, 2014

IMG_9381JKW      Saturday April 5, 2014 the 12th Annual Miller Lite Charlottesville marathon was held in historic downtown Charlottsville. The weather was perfect with a starting temperature in the 30’s and the high during the race of 59.

The weekend went well with a great Expo and Beer garden on Friday and Saturday. Music was playing and the town was receptive and enjoyed the attention on our great city and flow of visiting  runners from all over the USA.

The new course boasted many great views of the community and the burgeoning spring colors. Running in this historic community is a great pleasure for those of us from here and great to present it to our “sweaty” guests.

Follow the information at www.charlottesvilllemarathon.com  and




Women’s Awards -Marathon

    1 Catherine Sykes      31 3:02:56    ,             2 Rosemary Barber      23 3:09:58   ,            3 Rebecca Browne       45 3:21:58

 MEN’s Awards-Marathon

1 Aaron Misera         23 2:48:22  ,             2 Carl Schwarz         30 2:54:39  ,          3 Michael Dubovsky     29 3:01:21

Women’s Awards- Half Marathon

    1 Stephanie Phelps     24 1:25:28              2 Rachelle Lee-Warner  35 1:27:24               3 Parker Rhodes        21 1:27:56

 Men’s Awards – Half Marathon              

1 Nathaniel Powers     23 1:19:21              2 Jeffrey Young        22 1:20:13              3 Ben Campbell         20 1:20:29

Women’s Awards – 8K   

1 Ali Spies            25   31:52                 2 Kristin Cupido       25   32:49                3 Carly Page           28   33:06

   Men’s Awards – 8K              

  1 Jamie Symons         40   31:25                2 Jonathan Stocking    31   32:17                3 Nicholas Pritchett   33   34:07

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Disney Marathon 2014 in the Books January 12, 2014

Disney Marathon 2014 in the Books

I tend to personally shy away from these big races. I like 1000-2500 runners for a morning of fun

The Disney and some of the related fun have always been interesting to me. Maybe the kid that watched Wide World of Disney on Sunday night is thinking of a day or 2 in the parks and then a nice 5 hour jog.

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*And the website if you want to plan for next race:



2013 Walt Disney Marathon – January 10-13, 2013 January 16, 2013

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January 10-13, 2013    http://www.rundisney.com/disneyworld-marathon/

Marathon           -20,680 finishers  – Men’s Winning time- 2:21.16      Women’s Winning time 2:48.30

Half-Marathon  -23,126 finishers – Men’s Top Time  1:05.26   ,  Women’s Best Time1:14.56

Goofy’s  Race and a Half Challenge Runner’s ran the Half marathon on Saturday and the marathon on Sunday- This combo (like the other 2 races) sold out .  Lots of healthy/crazy folks did the double dip and ran almost 40 miles in the weekend….


       This year I had several friends and their families running in Florida.  Was a lot of fun to keep track of their efforts as they posted to FB and Twitter and participated in one or more race over the weekend.

        As I do some preparatory work for the 2013 Miller Lite Charlottesville Marathon I look to other events for ideas and improvements. And it is interesting to think of trying to split the days and have the races over a weekend rather than all day Saturday. We would have several runners double dip but the city would balk at the thought of such a thing. The impact to the streets would be too great and too long.

Looking forward to the 2013 Charlottesville marathon and Half Marathon