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Neck and Back Pain- Exercise, Stretching and Yoga…Cures!!?? November 24, 2017

During a recent conversation with a friend we discussed her headache and neck issues. The focus was on non-medical efforts to relieve her pain and prevent it in the future. The pain always started in or near the neck and her jaw.

We discussed a few stretches and exercises and discussed yoga. I looked for a couple of  articles that would describe moves/poses that can provide comfort to painful neck and head.

The following are some goodbasic moves/poses for the body and specifically the neck.





These are a bit more broad brush. Effective for the body and ultimately for the neck.







Some Secondary Goals as I Return to Fitness and Health. May 21, 2017

I realized the other day that I need to expand my set of goals and objectives for my current fitness journey. The obvious and most pressing is strengthening the heart and lungs, the entire cardio-pulmonary system, as a result of my heart failure diagnosis. As that is going forward I need to expand the focus to  total body program .

I need to :

  1. increase knee flexibility and suppleness
  2. add some speed and even “jump”
  3. total body flexibility ( exercises and maybe Yoga)

The following videos address some of my personal concerns with my knees as I start over and get BACK in shape. I find that my knees have been stiff and occasionally sore. As I continue to exercise I will do these moves to help the knees…which will help me continue. I have also joined a gym @Snapfitness and I have used the bike and rower ( @Concept2 ) for knee relieving cardio. Some workouts I combine cardio tools for increased burn and reduced stress on knees.

In the long “run” my body will improve and knees will feel great as I maintain a steady weight loss and fitness program . Lower body weight will stress the knees much less , and since i have already dropped 100+ pounds the knees feel pretty good.

VIDEO: A few exercises to help keep the knees healthy and flexible

VIDEO: Specific exercise for the knees


Now I will address the 2nd and 3rd item in more depth later but here are  few related links.









More to come- add any questions or suggestions- always love to learn and grow.




Eat Right to Prevent / Eliminate Inflammation and Pain April 19, 2015

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Well this one escaped me and got published when I hit the wrong button on the ipad…..not all that intuitive…

The focus of this post is proper use of food ( and avoidance of some) to eliminate, limit and reduce inflammation in the body. The specific focus will be pain in joints that interferes with life activities or prevents complete enjoyment.

Many foods and food groups have been indicated as causes of discomfort and inflammation.

They include:  dairy, nightshade fruits/vegetables, gluten containing products, sugar, GMO processed foods and a few others that pop up from time to time.

A few points from personal experimentation-

A) eliminate all dairy from HUMAN diet( many studies show links to discomfort and pain throughout the body . My personal experience is that general body inflammation reduced dramatically and some specific pain sites disappeared.

B) Sugar- plain processed sugar- added or included in processed drinks and foods is a major trigger and fuel source for painful body.

C) Gluten removal / reduction has shown some results but no negative side effects- this is step has not become permanet or complete at this time.

There are a few things noticed on the positive–proactive side as well-

1) Drinking plenty of clean-filtered- water, up to a gallon a day in warm months has a great impact of general well being.

2) daily diets that include a preponderance of raw fruits and vegetables have given the most energy and the best “FEELING” from head to toe.  {includes: comfort vs. discomfort, energy, attitude, demeanor…}

3) Exercise adds to the good feeling AND THE GOOD FEEL HELPS ME EXERCISE…A PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINE o f fitness and health

The following are a few stories and posts found that I have read and gotten useful information from .

*Dairy and Inflammation basics


* * Some inflammatory food basics.


* * *Diet ideas to reduce inflammation and pain




Wednesday- Food and Fuel Report August 29, 2013

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As a lifelong athlete I have always wondered and worried about getting enough to eat. I have had a huge appetite and my activity level burned fuel at an astounding rate. As I got to college I continued with huge diet and 6-7-8 meals a day.

During the college years I started paying attention to the quality of food as well as the quantity. More fruits and vegetables as well as properly prepared meats and breads. I finished college and became a runner and had to deal with a lot of pain and injury from many years of fun on the gridiron.

I became a runner after college and my legs reminded me of my history but I started to get smart . I adjusted my running and training to limit continued and ongoing injury and my diet to deal with inflammation and pain.

1. No salt- when I consumed too much salt I retained water in the damaged joints and had trouble with them.

2. Water- I made sure I consumed 48-60 ounces of water each day- in addition to what I drank before/during and after workouts. This kept the muscles supple sand joints lubricated.

3. Veggies juices and smoothies- Providing the proper vitamins and minerals for all body functions and replacing what is used up every day in life and in workouts.

4.Whole grains- brown rice, Oat groats, buckwheat, millet, farro and a few others have been added and become a solid part of carbo-fuel in the diet.

5. Sweet potatoes, potatoes, turnips, carrots and beets and veggie carbs

6. Stretching and self- massage easy workouts have limited additional pain and inflammation.

Favorite pre-race/long run dinner- steamed and stir fried cauliflower, carrots and potatoes with brown rice.