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Are You a Runner or a Jogger ? August 14, 2018

I have often heard folks who run regularly “put down” folks that jog. They seem to think jogging is some how inherently LESS than running….or joggers are not up to the same “level” as runners.

When a person has a pair of sneakers, tennis shoes or running shoes on (depends on where you live, RIGHT??) and is on the road or track or treadmill they are , we are all the same …AT THAT MOMENT.... Are you running or jogging?

We are all working out / exercising and becoming more healthy and fit.

Joggers go out on the road track or treadmill regularly but usually have a smaller chance of injury because they tend to take it easier with each workout. Many of us “joggers” have chosen to be joggers to take it easy and exercise with focus on fun and fat and not time and performance. I have run in well over 100 races, but as a one time football player…the running is strictly for fun and fitness( physical and psychological )

Many runners and joggers share the same silly, shiny sweat resistant clothes, funny shoes and even crazy electronics. Let’s share the love and move and seat together.



Great Runner and Food and Vegetarian / Vegan – Sites and Blogs May 9, 2015


No Meat Athlete is a personal favorite – good info on food, health and running.


Recently found this one but after reading for 30-45 minutes I was excited to add it to the list. .


Lots of info on fitness, vegan food and life styles.






2013 was a Great Year for Running and Runners December 31, 2013

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2013 was a Great Year for Running and Runners

2013 was another great year for running and runners. The tragic blip in Boston was not a running problem but an Islamic radical problem. The city did well to recover and the 2014 race will be an emotional message.

Races are growing and more races are forming. The half marathon is the race of NOW.

The top UltraRunners in the article show the fun and craziness of the LONG RUN. These 2 really kicked butt all year long.  Ian has been in the hunt for the GRAND SLAM. He will stay there as long as he likes. Trains smart and runs solidly- do a few searches and check out some of his marathon race fun.

– Scott Jurek- one the greats in the ULTRA world has won all of the world and is hintingat retiring but has a few things to do ….see below:


On the roads Running times has the following to say:


Whatr will you do this year?  I am not planning nor dreaming of an award BUT i want to stay pain free in my events and successful in setting up and directing the events we do at http://www.badtothebone.biz