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Elliptical Machine- Low Impact Heart Training Machine June 30, 2017

I recently tried to use the elliptical trainers at the gym[ @Snapfitness ] and was pleasantly surprised that i could use these machines. Over the years I have tried different elliptical trainers at different gyms BUT they were all too small.

Small is a function of the rage of motion or stroke length for each leg/foot movement as well s the arm motion.  Using these “too small” machines created discomfort and cramps in short order. Now I tried the machines at my new gym and loved the motion. So I took the machine “for a spin”  and enjoyed the workout. Heck “enjoyed” might seem like  funny word for the sweaty, discomfort I found my self in after 10 minutes. It was a joyful discomfort and i looked forward to future workouts.

I went back to the gym the next day and did it again  This time I planned for a 10 minute workout and when I recovered, I did it again for 5 minutes.  This was a good workout and i look forward to doing it regularly , now that I can.

This will be great for my body and heart as it cranks the blood through me and burns the fat and gristle from me. All of this with minimal stress and threat to my questionable knees. I will also walk outside and on the treadmill until I reach a target weight..at which time I will start running and a run-walk program.

I have attached a basic elliptical use video and fun workout video. I like workouts with a structure, especially that can require a little bit of concentration during the workout- helps pass the time.

I am down almost 140 pounds…..Now with this new calorie eating tool…. bring on bikini season.






Running and the Treadmill November 24, 2013

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Running and the Treadmill

Love the idea of a standup desk/computer and a treadmill attached.

Do a little walk or run and type out my TPS reports for Lundberg (gratuitous OFFICE SPACE reference)

How many miles and STEPS (for our 10,000 step/day friends)

More treadmill fun:


And a list of workouts on the funny Conveyor belt:



Treadmill for Rehab- but REHAB TREADMILL- Cool !! August 29, 2013

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Treadmill for Rehab- but REHAB TREADMILL- Cool !!

Like the TM to rehabilitate. The new fancy TM’s would really help and The underwater Tm’s would be really cool