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What is with banning someone from a race? September 13, 2012

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Has Chicago banned Lance from running in the race? Why?


Was he going to compete? were any Americans going to “compete”- they might race but not compete.

I think the Chicago group ought to focus on having excess water and cups available so they don’t repeat the fiasco they had a few years ago.

Though he probably used some PED- it was never seen or discovered . the USADA like the FED have too much unchecked power and should be limited to testing and let the agencies involved with the individual sports make ay necessary decisions.

Just talked to a buddy who will be running the New York race this year and he was hoping to race Lance if he went to NYC

http://www.nycmarathon.com   Will this be a great year? Will/Can any Americans make a reasonable showing?


Mapping / Building new Trail for UltraRace of Champions (9/29/2012) September 12, 2012

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I have spent 8-10 hours bushwhacking and building a new trail to use for the UROC ( Ultra Race of Champions at the end of September
it will be a great connector from the top of Wintergreen to access the Blue Ridge Parkway
http://www.ultraroc.com for race info


Leg Injury history? Going everyday but easy seems to build strength and flexibility September 8, 2012

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All of the pain and trouble I have had  with the knees has helped  me learn a bunch of stuff about myself, my body and my future.
The FIRST is that I have to go out and work my body to keep it functioning- resting the sore and damaged joints is only bad for them. Now I don’t go crazy but I go regularly. I also rest and ice them when they are BAD.  I a talking about TOO MUCH rest.
Second is the value of diet. I mean this 2 ways- keeping or getting my weight in a good zone and what I actually put in my body.       If I eat crap ( salty, sugary, bad fatty or processed,….) I feel it even if just a little in the midst of a good eating day. I eat raw fruits and veggies as well as many vegetarian meals. Being a  VEGG I have the opportunity to eat bad Veg or Good Veg or Great Veg….
The real value of shoes and treating my feet. if I take care of my feet and wear the best I will feel it and know it all the way up my legs. The biggest concern for shoes is not the type- nearly 100% of the shoe companies are full of baloney in what they sell and talk about- Number one concern is proper fit and  flexibility.

I now am prepping for the UltraRace of Champions  (UROC)  http://www.ultraroc.com) Not as a runner but as a Director; such a race is a 30-35 hour gig for us as we plan and put the race on. It will be fun this year.



Emergency Prep September 2, 2012

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Hopefully you never have to deal directly with a disaster but in all likelihood we will have periods without power-water or other basics.  It is best to be ready for some or all potential disaster situations.

What will you eat?

How will you prepare it?

How will you stay warm /dry?

How can you stay hydrated?            This is the real lifesaver if all else falls short. make sure you have water or  a way to get some.

Where will/can you go?

There are many considerations and many places to get info for planning purposes. The best- but very basic- site is ready.gov

KEY POINT – have at least a gallon of clean water per day per person.  Now this can change if you are in a hot climate or have any health issues.  We can survive a few days without food but not without water. We lose water every minute and need  to replace it all day long.

Where do you live?

What emergencies / disasters threaten you and your “neighborhood” ? This will guide your decisions on what and how to prepare.  No body and no places are immune but some are more likely to be impacted by wind/rain, storms, tornado , snow and earthquakes.

How about Safety and First Aid?

You can not forget some Basics for boo-boos- bandages, cleaner, antibiotic ointment, support bandages and a few other necessities. Safety will also include blankets or sleeping bags or warm clothing if cold weather emergencies as well as covering needs.

And of course flashlights with spare batteries and/or lanterns with the same power. A battery or hand cranked radio is also helpful and useful.


Do you have anything that makes sense for you?


Just added a few brand new heavy duty tarps and some nails in case a nearby tree makes an unplanned skylight in our roof.