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Running and the Treadmill November 24, 2013

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Running and the Treadmill

Love the idea of a standup desk/computer and a treadmill attached.

Do a little walk or run and type out my TPS reports for Lundberg (gratuitous OFFICE SPACE reference)

How many miles and STEPS (for our 10,000 step/day friends)

More treadmill fun:


And a list of workouts on the funny Conveyor belt:



Running New or Long Time Runners- Tips, Hints etc…

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Running New or Long Time Runners- Tips, Hints etc…

This is loaded with great stuff for runners just stepping out on the street and others with hundreds of miles behind.

What do you REALLY need- The only thing you NEED is shoes THAT FIT. Forget support/structure etc- get a good cushioned shoe that is fairly firm if you are getting started- too many people end up with too much shoes (and too much $ involved)

After that comfy clothes and socks (bra for the ladies)

Miles and goals will determine good stuff to have and Necessary equipment.

I often Huff and Puff- How to breathe –



Winter Olympics ?- How about some Running Events- Snow Shoe? November 22, 2013

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Winter Olympics ?- How about some Running Events- Snow Shoe?

The Olympics are just a couple of holidays and Christmas away from the next version of the Winter Olympics. They are always a lot of fun and we can count on the Russians and French to stir it up and make it fun.

It is a lot of fun to watch and if we could eliminate the judges the sports could continue. As a runner I always like the Summer Olympics with hurdles and 400’s and Miles etc…..We need to add Snow shoe runs to the great XC skiing.

Looking at Sarajevo- I am actually surprised at the amount of stuff still intact. Since that part of the world was in war time and abandoned…and built under socialist building standards…


Looking forward to the news from the Olympics- on my phone,pad and computer ( maybe TV as well).



Need some running/Fitness Inspiration? Hit the library ! November 10, 2013

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Need some running/Fitness Inspiration? Hit the library !

There are many great books to inspire runners and fitness minded individuals. There are 2-3 in this collection of 10.

The best here are by Bart Yasso (of Runners World) and Once a Runner.  The others are OK.

Now to find a list of HOW TO run books for beginners that will not get people hurt.  I continue to recommend Chi Running and the Galloway Book on Running for safe books.


BOOK REVIEW : Relentless Forward Progress – B. Powell

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BOOK REVIEW : Relentless Forward Progress – B. Powell

An interesting and fun book. Adding to the market.

Books on LOOOONNG runs are becoming more prevalent in much the same way the Fixx’s book and then Galloway and hundreds more filled the market for running in the 70’s until today .

Powell did the right thing getting input from as many of the current and lifetime luminaries as he did and the result is a pretty complete book..

To suggest a SYLLABUS for a newbie Ultrarunner we would need to know what was read so far BUT

This would be a good one along with a few books by Tim Noakes as well as Scott Jurek’s book, and for fun (but little useful info) Born to Run  by McDougall .

Ultimately you still need to get out there and run….


RECOVERY- Lots of good information November 5, 2013

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RECOVERY- Lots of good information

We can rest and relax…

Schedule a massage

Sit in an ice bath after the race and hot tub a day or 2 later.

Eat a ton of veggies and fruit and greens  ( maybe after pigging out on pizza and /or BBQ on race day )


Overtraining or Under-resting

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Overtraining or Under-resting

I believe people / runners can overtrain and it is pretty easy if an improper or ill timed goal is set.

The concern is life and lifestyle. I believe more than half of the injuries attributed to overtraining are the result of training and then living a busy life and not getting adequate rest and recovery.

This lack of recovery leads to OUCHES and BOO-BOOs or injuries.  


2013 NY Marathon results November 4, 2013

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Enjoyed the race coverage on TV today- Hopefully more races will be covered that way.



Not sure if NY is in my future- do I include it in future goals and hopes?