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What are My Goals?  Do You have Goals?? July 6, 2017

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.                    Zig Ziglar

I have been a goal setter and goal planner for a long time. In my younger life my goals..or my written goals were almost exclusively sports , athletics and physically related. A few examples included improvements specific stats in a sports situation or reaching a target weightlifting maximum during offseason workouts.

There were some goals in other settings, usually academic but they were barely written done and if so, the details and plans were limited to the target accomplishment but with limited details about the work required.

Later in life I wrote out some goals and even accomplished them. This was limited in scope and success. 

I have now created a broad set of goals and my current health/ physical goals have taken on a new importance. The March 2017 diagnosis of HEART FAILURE, created an urgency that a “generic” weight loss / GET FIT goal may not have. Doctors have suggested diet recommendations and limitations as well as some exercise, they have agreed to my general plan of getting back into shape as I drop weight and move towards a physical situation that is most healthy.

    My physical goals include a variety of the following….
  1. Weight loss of 150+ pounds (good progress..)
  2. Return to running and participate in a few races for fun and travel
  3. Participate in group fitness classes and/ or events
  4. Have great energy, good rest and a positive attitude because I feel great

Time to get to the gym, us ether elliptical, now,that I can, and work on the tower and bike as well.


Elliptical Machine- Low Impact Heart Training Machine June 30, 2017

I recently tried to use the elliptical trainers at the gym[ @Snapfitness ] and was pleasantly surprised that i could use these machines. Over the years I have tried different elliptical trainers at different gyms BUT they were all too small.

Small is a function of the rage of motion or stroke length for each leg/foot movement as well s the arm motion.  Using these “too small” machines created discomfort and cramps in short order. Now I tried the machines at my new gym and loved the motion. So I took the machine “for a spin”  and enjoyed the workout. Heck “enjoyed” might seem like  funny word for the sweaty, discomfort I found my self in after 10 minutes. It was a joyful discomfort and i looked forward to future workouts.

I went back to the gym the next day and did it again  This time I planned for a 10 minute workout and when I recovered, I did it again for 5 minutes.  This was a good workout and i look forward to doing it regularly , now that I can.

This will be great for my body and heart as it cranks the blood through me and burns the fat and gristle from me. All of this with minimal stress and threat to my questionable knees. I will also walk outside and on the treadmill until I reach a target weight..at which time I will start running and a run-walk program.

I have attached a basic elliptical use video and fun workout video. I like workouts with a structure, especially that can require a little bit of concentration during the workout- helps pass the time.

I am down almost 140 pounds…..Now with this new calorie eating tool…. bring on bikini season.






Looking into Starting a Fitness Club for Heart Patients April 6, 2017

I have been walking and exercising and getting stronger at a slow and steady pace since my diagnosis with heart failure and Ateial fibrillation . With the medicines I have also lost significant weight, which I hope to keep,off with healthy lifestyle ( exercise and diet). 

The best thing about the current weight loss is of course easier breathing but a secondary benefit is the reduced stress on my legs when I go for a walk and eventually runs .  My knees have some damage from other sports and the loss of weight gives me a chance, an opportunity to workout and get fit and heal the heart, knees and body.

I have been part of running and training groups in the past and the group “pressure” and camaraderie made for a great dynamic. Therefore I thought a group of like minded ( and body) cardiac-heart Patients could support, push and help each other reach physical goals.  The goals include weight loss, restoring heart function , life extension and possibly overcoming the dis-ease with exercise and diet.

There might be some medical guidance needed but exch member will also be responsible for their own medical needs and controls.

I have sent an invite out with Craigslist and will see where and how,this goes.


Cross Training for Injury Prevention AND Recovery December 25, 2013

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I am a fan of using the bike, elliptical machine and rower as tools to keep the knees and legs healthy for a after running.

There are a few specific training programs I have used:

BIKE(in the gym): Ride 15-30 minutes with clips; spend 2/3 of the time Pulling through the stroke. [lift on the upstroke but do not push down] this exercise will strengthen support muscles that are useful / balancing during runs.

Cross training is not directly useful in improving your performance BUT it balances the effort and allows you to keep going longer and healthier.

ELLIPTICAL: One of the major benefits of the elliptical trainer is that you can go backwards /  reverse- and do it safer than on the road or track. backwards running is a great tool for runners struggling with or trying to prevent ITBand / shin splint / sciatica issues.

Once you are comfortable with the equipment  start using regularly and do a workout with with 60-75% in reverse and at a variety of resistance / elevation levels.

Bike info:


Some info on elliptical trainers.



Cross Training and Fitness October 20, 2013

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Most of my workouts now at age 50 are aimed for fitness and health and longevity. This can take the form of a balanced set of exercises addressing the whole body, or some specific moves to work with or improve a problem or challenge.

I.e.-0 back hurts- work the core, knees hurt – strengthen legs

I have been riding my bike for commuting lately and realize i have a few weak areas – hill climbing- that are the result of A) lack of bike fitness and B) Leg strength.

Continued riding will increase the strength slowly , but adding additional squats (bodyweight only) and lunges will give me some of the strength needed.

I am also adding additional uphill running/walking to my workouts. The increase in burpees will also augment some leg strength….if i am not careful i may end up a biker, bicycle racer before long…


Squats  (feet narrow) 3-20

(shoulder width) 3-20


Lunges- ( standing)  3-12

Pushups / Plank  ( hold for 10 at each top)  3-10

Leg raises


What is with my knees? October 17, 2013

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Been riding the bike for commuting for a few weeks now and mostly take it easy except for up hills. At night I feel my knees (after several surgeries- not surprising)  but not like the old days.

I think they are getting stronger. I am also doing more bodyweight exercises including squats and burpees and 8 Count bodybuilders.

Getting stronger top to bottom- maybe I will get another bike and race/triathlon???


Running /Walking /Hiking for Fitness- Biking for Commute. October 11, 2013

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I have been cycling for the last little bit as a way to commute to work and running chores.

I am interested in how it will impact my overall health. Knees have been “awake” lately but in a good way. I think all of the easy pedaling up the hills and along the flats has been beneficial. And of course if i keep eating properly I will lose some weight ..


But what weight should I target as ideal?  At 6’8 I had been well over 300 as a football lineman then as a runner I wa pretty comfy at 275 or so  BUT all of the charts say I should be 228-235.  Heck I haven’t been there since i was a 15 year old…

Well lets see what happens.