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Looking into Starting a Fitness Club for Heart Patients April 6, 2017

I have been walking and exercising and getting stronger at a slow and steady pace since my diagnosis with heart failure and Ateial fibrillation . With the medicines I have also lost significant weight, which I hope to keep,off with healthy lifestyle ( exercise and diet). 

The best thing about the current weight loss is of course easier breathing but a secondary benefit is the reduced stress on my legs when I go for a walk and eventually runs .  My knees have some damage from other sports and the loss of weight gives me a chance, an opportunity to workout and get fit and heal the heart, knees and body.

I have been part of running and training groups in the past and the group “pressure” and camaraderie made for a great dynamic. Therefore I thought a group of like minded ( and body) cardiac-heart Patients could support, push and help each other reach physical goals.  The goals include weight loss, restoring heart function , life extension and possibly overcoming the dis-ease with exercise and diet.

There might be some medical guidance needed but exch member will also be responsible for their own medical needs and controls.

I have sent an invite out with Craigslist and will see where and how,this goes.


Cross Training for Injury Prevention AND Recovery December 25, 2013

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I am a fan of using the bike, elliptical machine and rower as tools to keep the knees and legs healthy for a after running.

There are a few specific training programs I have used:

BIKE(in the gym): Ride 15-30 minutes with clips; spend 2/3 of the time Pulling through the stroke. [lift on the upstroke but do not push down] this exercise will strengthen support muscles that are useful / balancing during runs.

Cross training is not directly useful in improving your performance BUT it balances the effort and allows you to keep going longer and healthier.

ELLIPTICAL: One of the major benefits of the elliptical trainer is that you can go backwards /  reverse- and do it safer than on the road or track. backwards running is a great tool for runners struggling with or trying to prevent ITBand / shin splint / sciatica issues.

Once you are comfortable with the equipment  start using regularly and do a workout with with 60-75% in reverse and at a variety of resistance / elevation levels.

Bike info:


Some info on elliptical trainers.



Cross Training and Fitness October 20, 2013

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Most of my workouts now at age 50 are aimed for fitness and health and longevity. This can take the form of a balanced set of exercises addressing the whole body, or some specific moves to work with or improve a problem or challenge.

I.e.-0 back hurts- work the core, knees hurt – strengthen legs

I have been riding my bike for commuting lately and realize i have a few weak areas – hill climbing- that are the result of A) lack of bike fitness and B) Leg strength.

Continued riding will increase the strength slowly , but adding additional squats (bodyweight only) and lunges will give me some of the strength needed.

I am also adding additional uphill running/walking to my workouts. The increase in burpees will also augment some leg strength….if i am not careful i may end up a biker, bicycle racer before long…


Squats  (feet narrow) 3-20

(shoulder width) 3-20


Lunges- ( standing)  3-12

Pushups / Plank  ( hold for 10 at each top)  3-10

Leg raises


What is with my knees? October 17, 2013

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Been riding the bike for commuting for a few weeks now and mostly take it easy except for up hills. At night I feel my knees (after several surgeries- not surprising)  but not like the old days.

I think they are getting stronger. I am also doing more bodyweight exercises including squats and burpees and 8 Count bodybuilders.

Getting stronger top to bottom- maybe I will get another bike and race/triathlon???


Running /Walking /Hiking for Fitness- Biking for Commute. October 11, 2013

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I have been cycling for the last little bit as a way to commute to work and running chores.

I am interested in how it will impact my overall health. Knees have been “awake” lately but in a good way. I think all of the easy pedaling up the hills and along the flats has been beneficial. And of course if i keep eating properly I will lose some weight ..


But what weight should I target as ideal?  At 6’8 I had been well over 300 as a football lineman then as a runner I wa pretty comfy at 275 or so  BUT all of the charts say I should be 228-235.  Heck I haven’t been there since i was a 15 year old…

Well lets see what happens.